2008 Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Keep or Sell

My understanding is that the resale price of the C-class is peanuts, immaculately maintained, though it may well be.

Sincerely wish you men can help me identify this quandary.

I have a 2008 C Class Kompressor, driven by me and it has actually done only 59K kms till date. The car has actually been thoroughly preserved as well as serviced only at the authorised MB solution centres. It runs gently however off late there are two problems which are unpleasant:

The FE has actually intensified and now it provides me just 7.0 to 7.5 kmpl from the earlier 10 kmpl.
On negative roads (with fractures) one can hear some noise from the suspension.
My wife wishes to have a EV and i do not desire 3 vehicles in the house for the two people. Second of all, she does not drive and the EV would probably be driven by a motorist. (I have no worry driving her wherever she wants, but she would possibly feel more independent if she had a vehicle driver to take her on her errands and brows through).

We in fact do not require a driver yet in 2015 i had a wellness circumstance and also therefore it is recommended if a motorist is around for emergency needs. Actually, we are constructing a new home in a little ranch home system and also I am constructing some staff quarters to ensure that we can have the possibility of having a driver 24×7.

Thirdly, we are setting up 11.88 KW solar energy and being a resist Ahmdavadi, want to optimise returns as far as possible. See this thread.

Furthermore, we have a 2017 GLE which we utilize for our outstation trips as well as god willing would certainly continue to do so. Our last trip was to HP. We both are very particular about the car as well as its upkeep as well as do not such as to permit vehicle drivers to make use of the C-Class or the GLE. In fact, it was just as a result of my wellness situation last year that we were forced to use a driver.

Last but not least, My understanding is that the resale rate of the C-class is peanuts, immaculately kept, though it may well be. Locate it difficult to sell this lovely cars and truck for peanuts. At the same time, tiny niggles and also naggles have started. One can ignore it, however sadly it is not in my DNA. When i was ill, my child- knowing my fad to keep the car well maintained- sent out the auto to the MB service and also asked them to transform the plastic vents (a few of them were not transforming with the bar offered) megabytes billed Rs 1.25 lakhs for this task as well as I virtually had an additional stroke when I saw the costs. On taking up the matter with the service supervisor, he claimed that he recognized my interest to information and also thus believed that i wanted it. The FE has additionally gone down dramatically of late. From the earlier 10 kmph it currently gives only 7 to 7.5 kmph.

So what do we do? Offer the vehicle for peanuts and also purchase a EV or continue with this, in spite of the worsening FE and also little niggles and also naggles? Would certainly appreciate suggest.

Right here’s what BHPian agambhandari had to say on the issue:

A cars and truck that is not being utilized as well as still demands expensive upkeep is something you ought to absolutely eliminate. And the upkeep expenditure is only mosting likely to enhance as the auto gets older.

I would merely to suggest you to obtain a cars and truck that you feel comfortable in offering the secrets to your motorist. Specifically considering that your various other member of the family don’t drive themselves. A small hatch or crossover is better fit to day-to-day urban obligations compared to a GLE.

As for an EV, take a look at the current choices within your budget. (Realistically MG ZS and Nexon EV are the most effective options presently). If these and also their respective range fits you, these would be a great option. Otherwise, check out an ICE vehicle. There’s a lot of life left in ICE vehicles, specifically for Indian market.

Below’s what BHPian Axe77 had to say about the matter:

I expect this will only begin bring in even more such costs and also considering that you currently have an extravagant Mercedes (GLE) at your disposal, I would really recommend selling it as well as buying a car which you more than happy to give to a driver as well.

I understand I suggested the Nexon in the various other string (and also I still believe that’s the bare minimum EV you ought to opt for) however I would actually suggest pressing till the MG ZS EV if you can. It is an extremely unique step up and also provided you plainly maintain your vehicles well as well as likewise have the capability to hold them long, I hope the stretch to the MG will certainly not feel that hard possibly.

Trust me, even though you drive some wonderful automobiles, the ZS EV will certainly bring a wide grin to your face each time you drive it – its lovely to drive in its own unique way.

Right here’s what BHPian BeMyWings had to state on the matter:

I have not had the opportunity of possessing one of these brand names. For this reason, my suggestion is purely from a financial perspective. If you spend more on preserving little bits and also bobs from the cars and truck than it is in fact worth, then is it really worth it?

There’s most likely one more component that is intangible. This vehicle is 13 years of ages. This indicates, you’ve obtained 13 years of memories because auto. Your memories will remain with you forever, regardless of whether the auto is with you or otherwise. You own one more Mercedes. I question your factors for not selling are the resale cost, but extra driven by accessory.

Sometimes, we hang on to specific things due to the fact that we’ve got an emotional add-on to them. However similar to every little thing else in life, we may require to let them go as well.

Right here’s what BHPian androdev needed to say on the issue

At 59K kilometres, the suspension sound must be a basic mount/bushing substitute. The reduced fuel efficiency is a larger problem though – have it diagnosed before categorising the auto as a white elephant.

It will not be that simple to locate an auto that is a good enough replacement for a C course without buying in the very same classification. The new autos might radiate brilliant in the showroom once on the road, they are always discovered desiring in their trip, NVH as well as the overall convenience.

The thought of selling an auto doesn’t concern me as long as the cabin really feels fresh without deterioration. In many cases, lengthening the ownership benefits the pocketbook as well as the environment.

Do not be too prejudiced by 2008 make. Locate if it is actually mosting likely to need expensive repair work. Locate if you have suitable substitute in mind (after examination driving it).

EV+S olar is a cool concept – perhaps you can take into consideration a ranch automobile for the time being till a sufficient EV is released. I do not have much concept about the EV choices in India – I just battle to locate a normal ICE auto with good flight outside the European brands. Possibly I prefer how the suspension is tuned by these Euro brand names.