2022 Ford Expedition Timberline reportedly costs more money

Off-road SUV hasn’t gone on sale yet, rumored to get a price increase

Ford isn’t just making attacks into Jeep’s region with new lorries and also off-road-focused trims, it’s following the Jeep’s lead in raising rates on lorries that have not been put on sale yet. Ford Authority reports that the 2022 Expedition Timberline, which hasn’t made it to Ford’s retail configurator yet, has actually already obtained its first rate rise. In October, Ford Authority stated it had word from sources “accustomed to the 2022 Expedition lineup” that the off-road focused big-boy SUV would start at $66,690, plus a $1,695 location fee, for a total amount of $68,385. The site’s resources have actually communicated to let FA recognize that the MSRP has increased to $68,150, or $69,845 after location, a $1,460 rise.

Because the SUV isn’t out yet, it’s difficult to learn what’s at fault for the reported juicing of the cost. One effect, nonetheless, is that the Expedition Timberline puts more room in between it and also the on-road-focused Expedition Limited 4×4, which would start at $1,370 less than the brand-new off-road-focused Exploration Timberline rather than $90 even more. The $1,460 increase also shrinks the void between the Ford and also the 2022 Wagoneer Series II 4×4 from $5,460 to exactly $4,000. The satiation of those last sums makes the Expedition’s increase appear a little less than unintentional.

And also just so we keep in mind where we came from, the Timberline replaces the optional FX4 Off-Road Plan that could be specced on the Expedition XLT trim either for $1,650 to get features like off-road shocks, underbody protective plates, a two-speed transfer case, 32-inch tires as well as an electronic limited-slip differential. A $2,035 FX4 bundle included a 360-degree electronic camera to the abovementioned package, and both of those included the rate of swapping to four-wheel drive. An XLT with the more economical choice could be had for $59,805 prior to any other alternatives. The Exploration Timberline ups the ante with things like the steel skid plates sourced from the F-150 Raptor, seven driving modes, Trail Turn Assist purloined from the Bronco, as well as unique badging as well as trim colors, for a $10,000 premium.