It’s A Miracle No One Was Seriously Injured In This 40-Car Wisconsin Crash

Interstate 94 in west-central Wisconsin was the website of a huge wreckage very early Thursday early morning when a tractor trailer moved on the icy sidewalk into the average. The truck ignited and also trapped 2 vehicles underneath, consequently leading to a string of separate collisions. Somehow, authorities report nobody was seriously hurt.

In overall, 40 cars– much of them also semi trucks– were associated with the accident that closed down a 40-mile section of freeway between Black River Falls and also Foster. The closure is expected to last right into the night, according to a post on the Wisconsin State Patrol Facebook web page. Judging from the photos as well as amateur video, it isn’t hard to tell why.

Frankly, it’s a wonder that no casualties– let alone serious injuries– were reported. Some people were transported to medical facilities yet with only minor injuries, state patrol Lt. Tim Weiberg told CNN. Freezing rainfall is believed to be responsible for the unsafe road surface area. The crash took place at approximately 5:45 a.m

. Some of the trailers damaged in the collision wound up so mangled, they resemble they were artificially distorted in Photoshop.
The after-effects spilled over right into the opposing instructions of website traffic, triggering a closure of both eastbound as well as westbound lanes. Many commenters on the department’s Facebook post note that this is a particularly harmful stretch of I-94, on a hillside where crashes aren’t unusual as well as roads seemingly aren’t completely salty this time around of year.

If absolutely nothing else it’s a shocking tip to those of us in chillier environments to take it slow down around, particularly when taking a trip early in the morning or late during the night when damaging conditions may not be as apparent to the nude eye. And also if you don’t have a collection of wintertime tires, maybe think about addressing that.