What Are Your Automotive Predictions For 2022?

My prediction? Traditional auto shows aren’t coming back any time soon.

This previous year has been an interesting one from the automotive viewpoint, loaded with everything from fun cars and truck discloses to 5 million various coronavirus variations killing off enjoyable events all year long. However I would like to know what you assume 2022 is mosting likely to bring.

Personally, I believe the conventional auto show as we understand it is dead, and also we’re finally mosting likely to need to approve it in 2022 when yet another season of shows fails to go off easily. I have a feeling automakers are just going to quit subscribing until it strikes a point where no one can validate hosting a show anymore.

It’s mosting likely to start due to COVID caution, specifically since we still have no suggestion exactly how Omicron is absolutely going to impact the world, however I assume it’s just going to become excessive of a hassle to spend all that cash for large, exorbitant displays when there’s no guarantee it’ll deserve it.

Rather, I assume we’re going to transition to smaller, one-make events– something like what Toyota did previously in 2020 when it hosted its Confidential HQ in Plano, Texas. It welcomed a lot of reporters out for item exposes and also examination drives, yet things were local, Toyota really did not need to deliver all its vehicles bent on a program that really did not take place, and also it was possibly way easier to take care of from a COVID standpoint.

That’s not exactly the most amazing forecast, however I’m mosting likely to stand by it, particularly since my 2021 forecast fell totally level. This appears a lot more reasonable– which most likely indicates that auto programs will return to typical in 2022 and I’ll resemble a chump.

But I need to know what you great people assume. Will certainly 2022 be the year electrical vehicles ultimately remove, or will certainly it be the year they die totally. Will there be an amazing brand-new item launch? Will flying cars ultimately just be three years away? I want to know.