Dacia design boss: “the Duster is Dacia’s Porsche 911”

TG chats to Dacia’s new design chief Miles Nürnberger, who recently left Aston Martin to join the budget brand

Back in June in 2015, Dacia revealed that it had worked with Miles Nürnberger as its new Director of Style. Nürnberger was to leave his function at Aston Martin after virtually 14 years– a function that had actually seen him pen the DBX, the Valkyrie, the Victor one-off and also the V12 Speedster to name yet a couple of examples.

So what attracted him to the spending plan brand name? And simply exactly how different is designing at the various other end of the financial range? TG.com caught up with Miles a couple of months right into the work to find out …

TG: Just how’s it going at Dacia so far?
Miles: “Truly great. It’s been an extreme three months, leaving a firm after 14 years is constantly an obstacle, however it’s been terrific. I uncovered a fantastic team here when I got here with some genuine deepness of talent.”

TG: So, why Dacia?
Miles: “My father stays in the French Pyrenees. He’s lived there for a long time– given that prior to Dacia ever before came to England in fact. I would see the automobiles when I was over there and I always assumed they were really great. They have an essential nature to them and this actual outdoorsy feel.

” And I believe you can see how that has actually grown. For me it especially focuses on Duster. That auto actually transformed the brand picture, and also certainly the photo in the UK is additionally linked to Leading Equipment Television. That was amusing however likewise gave the brand name this fabulous high quality at the same time.”

” This will certainly be a fantastic sentence– the Duster is Dacia’s 911. The spirit, the attainability, the effectiveness– whatever concerning Dacia exists as well as completely amplified in the Duster.

” Creating for the masses has its own pleasure as well due to the fact that you see your cars on the street, you see them being made use of and also you might have one on your own. That was clearly harder at Aston.”

TG: And why make the action from Aston currently?
Miles: “I’ve been unbelievably fortunate. When I went to Aston Martin I believed I might only remain a year or more, yet 14 years and 37 cars and trucks later, it felt like I would certainly completed my mission. I never ever actually visualized myself at a sports car brand when I started out on my journey to be a designer. In some way the much more crucial product layout nature of Dacia was extremely attractive.

” Laurens [van den Acker, Renault Group design employer] who’s currently my boss was in fact my neighbour in California too. We were both Ford employees at the same time in the early 2000s– he remained in a principle studio and I was at Lincoln. So, when the setting at Dacia became available he called me up as well as it occurred quite rapidly.

” I had deals for various other locations, yet I believe you do your best job when it’s hard, and for me Dacia is an obstacle. You’ve reached be actually economical in what you do, although actually in several means you needed to be that at Aston also.

” Everybody thinks that if you build deluxe cars you have actually obtained millions to throw around, however actually you need to be truly effective. And also it coincides right here at Dacia. We had low financial investment and high purchase price at Aston, whereas it’s the opposite here, but as a result of that you have the very same difficulties.”

TG: What’s the biggest distinction working for Dacia compared to your time at Aston?
Miles: “Certainly the products adjustment as well as some of the smaller challenges alter. Plastic was a bad word at Aston Martin, however here it’s something you really savour.

” I really like plastic and what you can do with it. It’s an unbelievable product that’s constantly evolving. That was an interest I might never truly check out at Aston, it just wasn’t the brand, yet here it’s amazing coming back right into it, particularly now with suggestions of recyclability as well as the round economic situation.”

” In terms of synergy, in several ways Dacia resembles Aston. I have actually reinforced the team due to the fact that for me insides and materials is one of the huge locations where Dacia can expand. I think that’ll really make a distinction in the future. I have actually generated a committed principal developer of colour and also materials, and I have actually additionally reinforced the innovative layout and the interior decoration teams with some truly good hires.”

TG: Exists anything else in particular that you’ll bring from Aston to Dacia?
Miles: “We made use of virtual reality a lot at Aston Martin. It’s something that Dacia had before yet I’m strengthening its usage. We currently have a committed VR suite in our studio that we can utilize at any kind of point in the day.

” To be straightforward we located our means with it at Aston due to the fact that we had to. It’s like utilizing Microsoft Teams or Zoom– we had it before Covid yet we weren’t that keen to utilize it, and afterwards instantly the pandemic took place and also it becomes part of every day life.

” Dacia has 2 workshops, one in Paris as well as one in Bucharest, so this is an incredibly great device since you can have four of you in a digital area around a model doing a testimonial. You don’t need to hop on a plane and also within thirty minutes you can be in an online area talking about an item of style. You can see your associates (well you can see them as robotic characters) as well as you can aim at certain bits of the version. It’s really weird at first, but after 3 or 4 times doing it, it becomes very all-natural.”

TG: What should a Dacia be to you?
Miles: “From a brand name feeling we speak about ‘essential yet awesome’, ‘durable and outdoors’ as well as ‘eco-smart’. They’re the 3 brand columns. What does it mean to me as a designer? It indicates developing something uncomplicated in an ever before much more complex globe.

” You need to have the ability to understand this thing easily. For the customer it’s really about providing a straightforward enjoyment. Whatever should be there for a reason. Interiors will be actually useful and also useful. I want the whole interior to be dish washer risk-free, it ought to be that durable.

” The other point exists need to be a sense of adventure in all of the items. Dacia has this yet we intend to grow it. All the autos have to in some way have that spirit. It’s escapism.”