Toyota’s Gazoo Racing Adds Parts For 2000GT, Land Cruiser 40 And More To Its Classic Parts Catalog

The GR Heritage Parts catalogue will include select parts for five classic Toyota models

You remain in luck if you own one of Toyota’s unusual or classic designs. Autoblog reports that Toyota’s Gazoo Racing arm has actually added more parts for timeless designs to its Heritage components directory.

Components that have come to be harder to find over the years are currently offered for five designs consisting of A70 and also A80 collection Supra, 40 Collection Land Cruiser, AE86 Corolla/Trueno, as well as the unusual 2000GT.

A70 Supra will certainly have the most components available from lower molding packages, clutch launches, driveshafts, to car badging offered for the late 80s design. The A80 Supra doesn’t obtain as lots of components, only having 5 to pick from, ranging from fronts lights to door deal with or brake booster assemblies.

The AE86 gets just four parts: guiding knuckles for left or right-hand drive, disc brake cyndrical tube settings up, or driveshafts with or without an LSD. And also while Autoblog explains that components were readily available for the 40 Series Land Cruiser, they didn’t seem readily available on the GR Heritage Components site at this time (the website nevertheless claims the parts get on their means).

While it’s terrific that Toyota is sustaining proprietors of these cars with components that may have come to be hard to discover as the years have actually taken place, the model that makes the most sense to have parts support for is the 2000GT. Only 351 instances of the models were produced from 1967 – 1971. As well as with some examples costing over $1 million, maintaining these 50+ years of age sports cars in excellent condition is important.

There are 14 components for the 2000GT like differentials or a transmission overhaul kit. Though, components are restricted to two per order, and you need to actually own the car (though I’m not exactly sure exactly how Toyota confirms whether you do or not) to acquire the components. You can’t be that person that intends to crowd classic car parts.

Components will certainly become available on February 1 via taking part Toyota dealers. Do not see a part for an auto you have? You can ask for that Toyota lugs it for a specific version here.