A convertible Ferrari F12, anyone?

Ferrari’s one-offs are tailor-made to thaw the web. Photos leaked simply a few weeks ago of an SP America, regarding which no further info has been forthcoming. However last week’s secret cars and truck, which was taking part in a Targa Florio tribute in Sicily, has actually now been formally verified by Maranello.

It’s called the F12 TRS and also, as the name recommends, it takes its sign from the late-1950s 250 Testa Rossa, one of Ferrari’s most revered endurance racing automobiles and a champion at Sebring, the Nürburgring, the Targa Florio, and the majority of famously at Le Mans in 1958, 1960 and 1961.

By TG.com’s reckoning, this is the 21st Special Project cars and truck considering that Ferrari began making these one-offs for its most valued– and deep-pocketed– customers, most of which have actually taken care of to stay under the radar. Though often the work of Pininfarina, the TRS was taken care of internal, under the instructions of Flavio Manzoni in Ferrari’s centro stile.

The cut roofing system, windscreen as well as side glass are the noticeable visual highlights, along with the fairings on the back deck that offer the clearest link to those extremely hot Fifties endurance racers. The SP division is bound by rigorous regulations on homologation, so the auto’s hard factors and the height of the lights, as an example, are repaired. Nor does Ferrari sanction any type of performance enhancements, not that the F12 is doing not have because division. (What, no turbos on the V12?).

Yet other areas are up for grabs, most substantially in the cars and truck’s aero treatment, where Ferrari enjoys to let its clients experiment. So the F12’s smart front wing ‘aero bridge’ has been reprofiled, and also there’s a new rear looter, diffuser and also Venturi. The V12’s red cylinder heads show up through a window in the bonnet, an item of theatre formerly booked for mid-engined Ferraris.

The TRS’s cabin has actually been stripped of basically every little thing, and also the matt black carbon trim, Alcantara and leather all have a highly technological feel. The central passage and also door panels are repainted the same red as the exterior, which has a special multi-layer coating that utilizes a lacquer to provide a virtually transparent result.

We believe it’s quite awesome, which hasn’t constantly been the case with these special project autos. What would certainly your ₤ 3m one-off Ferrari look like?