A Ford Pinto Was Found In A Creek 45 Years After Its Owner Disappeared

The muddy hatchback could help solve a decades-old cold case.

The Troup County Constable has actually reopened a decades-old cool situation in Georgia, complying with the exploration of a 1974 Ford Pinto in a creek. The Pinto came from Kyle Clinkscales, an Auburn University student last seen on January 27, 1976– concerning 45 years earlier. The 22-year old was supposedly driving from his home town of LaGrange, Georgia back to his college in Auburn, Alabama when he went missing.

On Tuseday, a person reported seeing an auto in a creek under Chambers County Road 83 after noticing a hatch door protruding of the water, per WDSU. The Chambers Area Sheriff in Alabama responded to the report as well as pulled the vehicle out.

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Picture: Troup Region Constable
The constable identified the auto as a white 1974 Ford Pinto Runabout bearing a Troup Area permit plate, and also the Troup Area Sheriff verified it belonged to Kyle Clinkscales.

The Constable said that a pocketbook, credit cards as well as an ID belonging to Clinkscales were located inside the car, in addition to what seem several human bones.

The presumed human remains have not been determined as the remains of Kyle Clinkscales. Now that the investigation is once more, open.

The Troup Area Constable transformed the Pinto over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is disassembling the auto as they continue to search for remains and/or clues. The suspected human bones are pending recognition.

Regardless of the authorities complying with “thousands of leads” over four years, per CNN, no major findings were ever reported previously. The Troup Area Sheriff stated his department has actually “drained pipes lakes and also performed countless searches in hopes of discovering Clinkscales,” as CNN records. The Chambers Region Constable did mention, though, that the Ford Pinto’s area was close along the course Clinkscale would certainly have been driving at the time of his loss:

Chambers County Constable Sid Lockhart said the cars and truck was located about three miles away from what would have been Clinkscales’ normal path back to institution. Lockhart claimed he did not know if the area was searched when Clinkscales originally went missing out on.

The closeness of the immersed cars and truck to the path Clinkscales presumably drove along is notable, but even more notable are the arrests as well as sentences related to the situation, as WSB-TV records:

There have actually been lots of weaves in the event for many years. Officials named a lead suspect who died in 2001 yet constantly claimed he had nothing to do with Clinkscales’ death.

But two others were detained and also convicted in 2005 for assisting him hide the body. The two informed the constable’s workplace that Kyle was fired, [placed] in concrete in a 55 gallon drum as well as hidden in a pond.

No remains and also no vehicle were discovered until now.