A Shipping Container Might Be The Most Bizarre Thing To Camp In

Would you use a shipping container as your home on a camping trip?

Shipping containers have a great deal of uses beyond obtaining goods worldwide on the backs of ships, trucks and trailers. However I need to admit, I have not considered the capacity of using one as a custom camper. Now for simply $4,000, you can have a 10-foot container became a price cut travel trailer, if that’s your jam.

I enjoy the idea of using something for a purpose aside from it was originally created for. I compose a lot about old school buses, box vehicles and also transit buses currently living brand-new lives as homes on wheels. A comparable thing happens with shipping containers. Some individuals repurpose delivering containers into elegant modern residences while various other build storage complexes out of them.

However I hadn’t considered uploading up at the regional KOA with a small delivery container bolted to a trailer.

The seller of this “2019 Custom-made Camper” on RVT claims that this travel trailer would certainly be best for weekend break outdoor camping or use as a home base. It includes a 10-foot shipping container riding on a twin axle trailer. These are generally 10 feet long, 8 feet broad, and 8 feet, 6 inches tall. The enhancement of the trailer frame makes this set a total of 15 feet long as well as 10 feet high. Its dimensions resemble that of a fiberglass camper, however that’s where the similarities end.

Inside, it looks like the contractor took whatever they had laying around their basement as well as pushed it in.

There’s a cabinet, a king-size bed and also one of those propane heating units that you ‘d typically mount in a garage. Incredibly, it has some basic centers, too. There’s a cassette commode, sink, shower as well as water heater. Onboard is also 14 gallons of fresh water storage space as well as 27 gallons of grey water.

Unfortunately missing out on is any type of air-conditioning.

The trailer it’s mounted to has brakes and a tire stress surveillance system. It’s stated to track right, though I can not visualize drawing a steel block benefits gas economic situation. It additionally weighs in at around 3,250 pounds; 3 times as hefty as a comparatively-sized fiberglass camper.

They state that the camper turns heads and I wager it does. Think of waking up and also seeing this alongside your camping site.

I such as the idea; delivery containers are a blank slate to do whatever you desire. However the end result of this one leaves a lot to be desired. It would look so cool repainted or wrapped to look like a Borg dice from Celebrity Expedition. But really, you ‘d likely be far better off just pushing a bed right into the back of a van.

If you’re undeterred, the seller desires $4,000 for it after minimizing the price below $7,500. A delivery container can be had for regarding fifty percent of this price on Craigslist or Facebook, so you’re generally just spending for the products used to build the important things.