AMG One Hypercar Could Go into Production by the End of the Year

We talked exclusively with Jochen Hermann, chief technical officer of Mercedes-AMG, at the IAA Munich and got the full story behind the development of this long-awaited F1 car for the street.

The Mercedes-AMG One is a plug-in hybrid, with a 1.6-liter turbo V6 from a real F1 car and also assisted by four electrical motors.
That drivetrain would certainly benefit over 1000 top horse power, a 0-124 mph time of six secs, and a top speed of 217 miles per hour.
The car manufacturer states the Mercedes-AMG One can enter into production this year, with a pricetag of a trendy $2.7 million.
The AMG Project One was presented in 2017. The concept had actually been specified before by others, to make a Formula 1 auto for the street. Nobody had actually accomplished it. However when Mercedes-AMG says they can do it, well, they have some reliability. So our teamed believe they would certainly.

The $2.7 million vehicle would certainly be a plug-in crossbreed, with a 1.6-liter turbo V6 plucked from a real F1 car, plunked into the AMG One as well as assisted by four electrical motors. That drivetrain would benefit over 1000 peak horse power, a 0-124 mph time of 6 seconds, as well as a full throttle of 217 miles per hour.

” The adjustment of a total Formula 1 drive system for a road-legal hypercar is a remarkable task,” Mercedes said in 2014, when prototypes started testing on the Nürburging. (edit: no kidding!) “This adaption will lead to new standards being established for performance in a road-going car, as well as thus set a brand-new turning point in auto background for Mercedes-AMG.”

After that the cars and truck sort of glided off the radar. Today at IAA Wheelchair Munich, Mercedes revealed a full-size variation of the AMG One that will certainly race in Forza Perspective 5 when that game comes out Nov. 9. It looked cool.

At IAA Movement Munich we obtained an opportunity to speak with Jochen Hermann, primary technical police officer of Mercedes-AMG, to ask him exactly how the actual AMG Task One, now called just AMG One, is going. Ends up it’s a great deal tougher to make an F1 cars and truck for the street than any person thought.

Autoweek: What’s the condition of the Project One?

Jochen Hermann: I keep in mind being in the area when the idea came up. And like all crazy suggestions … “Yeah, we can do a Formula 1 auto for the street!” And afterwards the project was started. If we speak about an intricate P3 hybrid … Firstly, take a routine burning engine out of a Formula 1 vehicle where whatever is so various, like idle rpm is 4 times extra (than a regular vehicle). And if you speak about NOx they consider you, “What do you suggest?” So we had to include a chemistry factory, primarily, to that electric motor. And afterwards it was striking to me when I saw the Formula 1 group last November, standing alongside Lewis (Hamilton’s) auto, and when he is appearing, there resembled 10 or 12 individuals coming out that all went to the vehicle, everyone’s opening something, puts a screw motorist in, places a laptop to the vehicle, prior to you can really begin the vehicle. With Job One, you turn the key as well as individuals anticipate the car to start. So we had to place software application for (the equivalent of) 10 or 12 race designers into the coding. I assume that was something that was really ignored.

If you speak to clients as well as explain what we are doing there, really they like that intricate system as well as a lot of the moment they actually understand, as well as you claim, “Hey, it took us a bit much longer.” But I really think what we have actually transformed in the last, allow’s state twelve month, we truly had a strong interaction path to the consumers. That was when Philipp (Scheimer, that ended up being CEO of AMG a year ago) can be found in, I was caring for the innovation and also Philipp claimed, “Hey, I can talk with the clients.” I usually say if you purchase a wonderful watch, generally at a specific degree of a watch, you don’t buy it online. It’s this experiencing, they reveal it to you, possibly you return home, you return a few days later, blah, blah, blah. As well as it’s the same point below … And we are extremely sure, a minimum of I can claim for AMG, we will never ever do it once again. As well as I’m confident that no one else will certainly do it.

AW: Word on the street was it would not idle under 4000 rpm. Is that simply idle chit conversation? What’s the status of that project, will it go forward?

JH: Sure, certain, sure. Things regarding the project, we’re fighting for the begin of manufacturing in this year.

AW: Oh yeah?

JH: Yeah, that’s still the goal. As I said, very complicated, very complex, this is what we are defending.

Q: So idling at 4000 that was an issue?

JH: That’s a concern even prior to I signed up with AMG once again (in May of 2020). Just to give you a suggestion, the noise degree, as an example, you speak to the HPP colleagues (AMG High Performance Powertrains) and also they say, “Ah, we idle at 4000.” And also they say, “We need to idle at 1200.” “Why?” Okay, after that allow’s do it. As well as ‘allow’s do it’ is not so simple. We likewise had to pass accident tests. We did. We had to pass drive-by tests with sound level. It would certainly have been easier to claim, “Hey, a race course variation just.” However that isn’t what we were making. The more complex it is, the a lot more unique it is. You can take the auto and do a Sunday afternoon drive with a Formula 1 auto.

And after that this one moment a couple of months ago when we had David Coulthard, you recognize, the Formula 1 chauffeur, we welcomed him, he’s a brand name ambassador, he entered the automobile. I suggest, we are all skilled chauffeurs, we have driven all kinds of vehicles, but I have never ever driven a Formula 1 automobile. So you need … we really did not recognize exactly how close we actually are to a Formula 1 vehicle. Also our professional DTM vehicle drivers that we took into the automobile (hadn’t driven F1). Then David entered the auto and also I keep in mind David, that was so striking, he got out of the automobile as well as he claimed, “Can you see that tear in my eye?” As well as I stated, “Well, you recognize, he’s a nice guy making jokes regularly.” And also he claimed, “No, no, essentially, you men made me 12 years more youthful. This feels like my Formula 1 car! The sound, resonance, whatever.” And also I thought, fine, currently we understand it’s worth all the initiative that we took into this automobile. If it’s simple, perhaps somebody else would have done it. However I understand fully how disappointed the customers are. Stating, “Hey, I am awaiting the cars and truck!” However I truly think Phillip made an excellent job that we put in a great deal of customers and sent out a video showing where we are (in development). As well as I just spoke with a consumer last evening and also he claimed, “Hey it’s fine. I know what I’m obtaining. It takes you time.” And believe me we’re not placing any stress on the team.

AW: How many customers do you have?

JH: We have 275.

AW: Will it involve the United States?

JH: Yeah.

AW: How many to the United States?

JH: We are not stating this yet.

AW: What were a few of the obstacles that you found when you came aboard?

JH: I believe it was the software. The team actually ignored. In the last twelve month we placed in a lot of software competence. We got know-how from other tasks of AMG since we claimed, “Okay, this set has to be completed currently.”

AW: Anything specifically regarding the software program that you can talk to?

JH: You know, it’s like these driving modes, or this power state issue, so whatever which has to do with driving the car, drivability. The racetrack efficiency. We have modes like Straight 1 as well as Straight 2, we have a pass button, we have a DCR button. It’s facility for the vehicle driver as it is. If you want to do real quick laps, it’s not such as, simply being in the vehicle as well as push down the pedal!

AW: There are some automobiles that may be because sector, like the Valkyrie, Valhalla, the Gordon Murray T50. Will this go beyond everything?

JH: I believe it’s an one-of-a-kind cars and truck and also will have functions like no other automobile before and don’t forget it goes totally electrical too, quite substantial variety, really.

AW: What’s the battery dimension?

JH: It’s four times more than the Formula 1, 8.8 kwh.

Q: Is the name transforming? Is it still Task One?

JH: No. In fact the official name is One. Job One was the show car.

Q: So AMG One?

JH: O-N-E, yeah.