Are You Brave Enough For This £2,500, 360,000-Mile VW Phaeton?

We love ourselves a high-mileage hero here at CT, and this Phaeton might just be the ultimate

We invest a horrible lot of time banging on about ‘high gas mileage heroes’ right here at Vehicle Throttle. Recently our editor-in-chief Alex Kersten acquired a 217,000-mile Techno Violet BMW 330i, as well as it had not been so long ago that we were poking around a half million-mile Audi A4. Hopefully Miles the Skoda, still taking place solid past 430k miles, need to need no introduction.

If we were so inclined, this VW Phaeton could be the jewel in the crown of our well-travelled horses. In terms of distance covered it’s roughly in the middle of the vehicles pointed out earlier with around 360,000-miles on the clock, but c’mon – it’s a Phaeton. Aren’t you interested to know exactly how a famously over-engineered auto manages such a figure?

The Phaeton was the final job of the late Ferdinand Piech, then VW’s chairman. The story goes that Piech insisted the group stuck to 10 ‘parameters’ he invented himself, which were said to be so requiring it was originally deemed impossible to satisfy them all. Of these, just 2 are public knowledge.

One of the most quoted of the two is the environment control’s ability to maintain the cabin at 21 degrees celsius with the car battle along at 186mph in 50-degree ambient heat. Not that any type of Phaeton could go that rapid out of package – one of the most powerful ones were digitally limited to 155mph.

The development procedure saw the declaring of 100 patents specifically for Phaeton technology. This was a VW like no other, yet it just had the incorrect badge to do well in the high-end market. There were wish to move 20,000 a year, yet in the long run, VW managed less than a quarter of that number. The business shed a substantial amount of cash on the vehicle, as did any individual who paid money for one, with infernal devaluation striking every Phaeton the minute it left the display room.

Buyers can currently use this to their benefit, with even the fanciest Phaetons opting for a fraction of their original expense. Our pick for today, for instance, is up for a simple ₤ 2,500. As well as Although the high quality of the images on the Autotrader advert is shocking, it seems in amazing condition thinking about the lofty mileage number. There does not also look to be much strengthen wear on the grey leather seats.

When it comes to how great an idea it is to acquire such a leggy Phaeton, there are two means of looking at it. On the one hand, yes, these are difficult automobiles, and not everything on it is mosting likely to last for life. At some time, something will have to be replaced, and this might end up being costly. On the other hand, provided the kind of resources VW tossed at this thing, it may stand the test of time better than the typical deluxe barge of the era.

It absolutely assists that this specific Phaeton, the facelift version, has a wonderful, easy V6 diesel motor. It does have just a month of MOT left, which is never ever the most appealing indication, but it did pass last time without any advisories.