Aston Martin is building 25 brand-new DB4 GTs…

… for the first time in more than 50 years. Iconic lightweight racer returns

In Xmas information, Aston Martin has actually reached into its not-insubstantial back brochure and returned with some stocking gluttons for the one per cent– particularly, the phenomenal DB4 GT.

Or, even more to the point, 25 DB4 GTs, hand-built on the very same Newport Pagnell production line as their popular forebears, making the ‘Continuation’ models the initial Astons to be constructed at the plant since production of the last-gen Vanquish involved 2007.

Yes, Aston has actually announced that it’ll build 25 ‘DB4 GT Continuation’ models, which is motoring speak for ‘really great replicas’, from the original blueprints to initial standards or far better.

Suffice to claim that the new track-only DB4 GT will be visually the same to the original run of 75, yet with a boating of technical improvements hiding under the gorgeous bodywork.

Basically, each brand-new automobile will run the original little bits, consisting of the tubular framework, light-weight aluminium panels, limited-slip diff, four-speed manual and also DOHC straight 6 with two ignition system per cyndrical tube (eat your heart out, Alfa), yet with contemporary modifications that remain true to the original feel. We really hope.

Yet it improves. Of the initial 75 DB4 GTs, a little eight were built as special light-weight models. And the DB4 GT Continuation versions sing from the similar hymn sheet as the ultra-exclusive octet.

That indicates the sonorous straight six, currently bigger to 4.2 litres and tuned to accomplish 340bhp, only needs to encourage a mere 1,230 kg. This is a Good idea.

However, there is a catch. The eagle-eyed amongst you will see that we stated ‘track-only’. To preserve the exclusivity of the initial GTs, the modern versions won’t be road-registrable. So, if you do wish to own a road-legal DB4 GT, take ₤ 1.1 m approximately to a public auction house when one eventually shows up for sale. If you desire an initial light-weight variation, it’s time to stump up ₤ 3m or even more.

The good news for those unable to wait and/or find countless extra pounds down the rear of the sofa is that Aston Martin Functions has established a two-year international driving program to come with the brand-new DB4 GTs. The two-year track assault will wend its way through “a number of the world’s finest race course, consisting of the magnificent Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi.” So, more than the archetypal add Goodwood hill, after that.

Proprietors of the DB4 GT Extension (yes, it’s a confusing name, but you will not care if you get one) will certainly get direction from Le Mans victor Darren Turner, to name a few, on exactly how to exploit the kind-of-50-year-old car to its restrictions, as well as “master driving methods from a period when track driving was a lot more art than science.”