At $19,500, Could You Make Friends With This 1969 Citroën Ami 6 Break?

Rare and restored, this gallic wagon offers flamboyant style and upgraded 2CV power.

Today’s Nice Price or No Dice Citroën is a wagon, which in France is typically described as a Break. Let’s see if this rare-in-the-U.S. longroof is valued not to cost a fortune.

The holiday season is in full speed and also yesterday we formally welcomed December with a 2000 Porsche Boxster that would likely show a vacation gift that keeps on giving. A $6,200 asking cost meant it might easily be the very best secret Santa existing to yourself too. That asking earned the Porsche a strong 69 percent Nice Rate win, and also, based on the remarks, some holiday delight in all our hearts. Whoa, is that mistletoe you’re standing under?

Have you ever before met somebody from France? If so, you have actually likely discovered that using welcoming they often don’t simply awkwardly drink hands while staying clear of eye contact as most Americans do. Instead, they draw you in for a hug and a quick peck on each cheek. That heat and in-yo-face nature isn’t unique to the French individuals either. It encompasses their vehicles as well.

Take today’s 1969 Citroën Ami 6 Break as an example. When was the last time you saw such a fun little wagon? From the nose, it looks incredibly like a miniature variation of the Plymouth Fury from a decade prior, just not as evil as pictured by Stephen King. Interestingly, this one sporting activities a quartet of secured light beam headlamps rather than the Ami’s more traditional oval units. Presented in 1961, the Ami 6 was, actually, one of the initial automobiles to have oval lamps.

The wagon body style is functional and also full of enjoyable little details like the skirted back fenders and windows that relapse as well as forth rather than roll down. And if you think this wagon is fashionable, you ought to see the car. That features a reverse-rake rear home window with a roofline intended to hold the boot cover up when open.

Underneath all this is a customized 2CV platform and also a bigger 602cc version of the 2CV’s air-cooled flat-twin engine. In 1969 that offered 32 horse power (gross) which offers the Ami a top speed of about 75 miles per hour. Sorry if you assumed the 6 in the model name referenced cyndrical tube count, that was simply the design classification. Later versions went by Ami 8 and Ami Super, the latter being a four-cylinder version. The transmission is a four-speed guidebook with an umbrella-style handle shifter growing jauntily from under the dashboard. In old-school Citroën fashion, the car also sports a single-spoke wheel.

The arrest-me red paint on this Ami is stated to be just 7 years of ages. That was a part of a reconstruction that was embarked on after the car was imported right into Canada from the South of France where it had been resident transportation at an estate. What a sad turn of occasions for the cars and truck to be spirited away from such an idyllic life to the icy poutine royal residence that is our next-door neighbor to the north.

According to the ad, this Ami was then brought to Southern California where it was put into storage space for an unrevealed size of time. It has given that been highlighted of storage space as well as renewed with a restore for the carbohydrate, brake work, a new starter, as well as some ignition updates to make it what the vendor calls “a pleasure on the road.”

A lot of autos of this era, as well as particularly Citroëns, corrosion like crazy. This, nonetheless, seems to have evaded that bullet. The bodywork looks clean and straight, and all of the bright job appears undamaged. A fun feature of these automobiles is the ease with which the seats might be gotten rid of. Early advertisements for the Ami revealed them working as barbecue sets down outside the cars and truck. If you intended to do that with this Ami, you would not need to really feel any type of humiliation over the furniture since that looks to be in fine shape. Every little thing else in the cabin seems functional also.

The advertisement offers us a take a look at an Ami’s engine bay, simply perhaps not this Ami’s engine bay. For whatever factor, the vendor has actually consisted of a shot of a blue cars and truck’s motor. Whether that’s an old shot of this car from prior to the paint job or of one more automobile totally goes without description in the ad.

What we do obtain from the advertisement is that both the odometer as well as the title appear to have problems. The previous is broken leaving the actual mileage unknown, while the last is, actually, missing out on and will require to be reconstituted. The vehicle is offered with a proof of sale as well as the seller is apparently ready to do the title work at the DMV for an additional charge. Yeah, I believe we can take care of that.

What we will certainly need to determine is whether or not we can manage the seller’s established $19,500 asking price for this Ami. That’s a lot of cash for so little a cars and truck. It ought to be kept in mind that good 2CVs are opting for concerning that here in the States as well as this is a good little bit rarer than those these days.

What do you claim, is this Ami 6 well worth that $19,500 asking as it’s presented in the ad? Or, does that price make it no buddy of your own?

You make a decision!