At $49,999, Would You Expect This 2007 Bentley Continental GTC To Sell PDQ?

Would you pay a premium for what the seller describes as the “best color combination?”

Today’s Nice Rate or No Dice Bentley shares its foundations with the Volkswagen Phaeton but offers something the stopped working VW halo vehicle never ever did– a raisable roof. Allow’s see if that, and significantly reduced miles, can make its rate something that obtains a rise also.

Based on the comments, many of you had trouble covering your heads around the factor behind last Friday’s 2002 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning. That whole idea of a “flashy pick-up” was something few of you agreed to accept at stated value.

I’m going to offer you that, yet in explanation of the version’s presence let’s just keep in mind that Ford will certainly leave no rock unturned in its initiative to keep the F-Series well in position as America’s top selling vehicle. Over the years, those efforts have consisted of fancy vehicles, hair-shirt working vehicles, and also, as we saw on Friday, sporty vehicles.

The F-Series has advised the very best vendor, time after time, however at $17,500, last Friday’s Lightning couldn’t overcome your overarching bad blood with the outcome being a no-sale based upon its 74 percent No Dice vote.

Ok, so the F-Series is the very successful automobile in the nation. So what? Although you can choice them to the hilt and make them as elegant and pricey as virtually anything out there, that still means you’re most likely to see one on each and every corner, much the method Elmer Fudd sees “millions and also numerous wabbits” in his Pests Bunny induced headache. Who the hell wishes to stay in a globe like that?

Rather, wouldn’t you instead drive a vehicle with a high-enough initial expense and low adequate manufacturing numbers to make you really feel a little bit … oh I don’t understand, unique?

This 2007 Bentley Continental GTC is an automobile that was really costly when it was brand-new. Therefore, you’re not going see one on every edge. Yes, you will see them represented in every country club car park and also most likely every other driveway in position like Beverly Hills and the Hamptons, however let’s not go nuts right here, ok?

The Continental was Bentley’s first product under Volkswagen’s ownership and also leveraged a lot of that brand name’s parts division in its building and construction. Actually, this generation and also the infamous Volkswagen Phaeton are greater than simply kissing relatives under the skin.

Standing out the bonnet– which sadly, this auto’s seller falls short to do– will reveal the very same six-liter W12 engine as in the top versions of the Volkswagen. Here in the Bentley, however, it’s showing off two turbochargers and all the related pipes needed to make that 12 a resources W. With the turbos, it provides a ground-churning 552 horse power and also 479 lb-ft of torque. With the basic AWD system, that engine can fling the GTC’s 5,478 extra pounds to sixty in just a hair over five secs. It can even more push the vehicle to a 195 mile per hr top speed (or 189 if you’re endure enough to check that restriction with the top down.).

This all comes with a cost, the most evident of which is truly shitty gas economy. On premium. The various other is anticipated upkeep needs that will call for an eager bank account and also likely a shop that provides a loaner automobile.

This 51,000-mile GTC addresses that last worry by having actually appreciated recent maintenance that the vendor states was to the tune of concerning $4,000. That job included A/C repair, the substitute of some worn suspension parts, and brand-new 275/35ZR 20 Cosmo MuchoMacho tires installed to the Bentley’s chrome-plated manufacturing facility wheels. And also of course, there truly are tires branded MuchoMacho. That knew?

One more plus right here, at least according to the vendor, is the vehicle’s shade combination. The advertisement’s description claims the dark sapphire blue over biscuit leather interior with a blue canvas top is “the very best shade combination.” While that superlative is arguable, there’s no doubt simply how handsome the cars and truck beneath appears. I would certainly better insist that this, the first generation of Continental, is the very best looking. In my not-so-humble opinion, everything that has followed has obtained considerably a lot more garish.

Along with that apparently preferable color combination, the vehicle appears to be in superb form, at the very least visually. There are a couple of clues in the ad that could moisten any potential customer’s parade. One is the seller’s current reduction in asking from the original $52,900 to a fire-sale cost of $49,999. The various other is the ad’s admonition that the car is being sold “AS IS.” At the very least that as-is consists of a clear title.

What’s your take on this best shade combination Bentley and that recently decreased $49,999 cost? Does look like a fair offer to obtain your fancy on? Or, are just there way too many questions that could color your choice?

You decide!