Audi A5

It’s an Audi A4 with two fewer doors. There truly isn’t a lot more to the Audi A5 than that– this two-door coupe looks extensively the very same, has the exact same inside, utilizes the same range of burning engines and also, even though Audi declares the A5 is a bit sportier than the deliberately unsporting A4, really feels much the same to drive as the four-door tavern on which it’s based. As well as no, that’s not a criticism.

The major one is the BMW 4 Collection, which is much newer as well as much better to drive, but dramatically more … testing to see than the fairly stylish A5. Then there’s the Mercedes C-Class Sports Car, which like the A5 is an old auto now (as a matter of fact by the time you read this review it could well have actually disappeared from Merc’s internet site completely), and also potentially the E-Class Sports car. This is a kind of auto Volvo, Jaguar, Lexus and also so-on merely do not bother with, yet there’s a disagreement to be made that the A5 additionally competes with the Ford Mustang and Kia Stinger …

Well worth remembering this is just the second generation of A5– it’s been around considering that 2016 and also was last updated towards completion of 2019. There’s additionally an A5 Cabriolet as well as the A5 Sportback four-door coupe. Yea– a four-door version of the two-door variation of a four-door car.

Nope. Nor a plug-in hybrid. The normal A5 gets either a four-cylinder petrol or four-cylinder diesel engine and an automatic gearbox. There are 2 ‘fast’ A5s– the S5 makes use of a six-cylinder 3.0-litre diesel motor with 341bhp, so it’s good for 0-62mph in under five secs. The RS5, at the same time, is Audi’s solution to the likes of the (once more, much newer) BMW M4. It hits 62mph from a grinding halt in under 4 seconds thanks to a 450bhp 2.9-litre petroleum six-cylinder.

The quick A5s and most effective four-cylinder cars and trucks have ‘quattro’ all-wheel drive. The remainder make do with front-wheel drive (‘ normal’ 4 Series are rear-wheel drive, providing an instantaneous handling benefit versus the Audi). Much more under Driving.

The A5 is an automobile for singletons and also couples. If you require to carry individuals in the back and/or great deals of travel luggage, you’ll want to take a look at the A5 Sportback (or just return to an A4). The A5 Sports car does have rear-seats, however, and also they’re greater than with the ability of fitting a set of adults on brief journeys. For a two-door coupe it’s tolerable whatsoever. A lot more under the Inside tab.

The A5 is not a cheap car, yet you knew that already. Rates begin at around ₤ 38,000, and climb swiftly from there. The dearest ‘typical’ A5 prices over ₤ 60,000, as well as you’ll pay around ₤ 70,000 for an RS5. The A5 Cabriolet and Sportback are more pricey across the board. Extra on prices as well as specifications under the Acquiring tab.

” Exceptional design and also refinement mask a nondescript driving experience. Once again”
The Audi A5 Coupe is even more of a long-distance GT than an appropriate cars. The BMW 4 Collection is (and also really feels) far more modern-day to drive and also, giving you can cope with the, erm, challenging appearances, is generally the better automobile. But that’s not to state the A5 isn’t worth considering– it looks excellent, it’s improved, comfy, has a lovely interior and seems like a correctly superior item. Surprisingly functional for a two-door coupe, too.