Audi A8 L 60 TFSI 2021 UK review

Luxury limousine is updated – mostly inside – in the face of rejuvenated opposition. Is it still a great chauffeur car?

What is it?
Possibly it’s a size thing– or, at least, a function thing. After all, we’re on board with gratuitously powerful sports cars of any type of selection, but driving a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 Audi A8 in 2021 (especially around Norway, where even more vehicles are electrical than are not) does feel like turning up to a bar mitzvah with a plate of pork chops.

Still, the competitors is additionally raging with chunky V8s (believe Mercedes- Benz S-Class and BMW 7 Collection); and also yet much more pertinent is the fact that this A8 will certainly likewise supply a 3.0-litre petroleum V6, a 3.0-litre diesel V6 as well as a plug-in crossbreed system with a longer electric array than before, plus the stylish S8.

This is a light overhaul for the A8, with the substantial new enhancements being a bigger grille, bigger front intakes, brand-new OLED tail-lights, new infomercial software application and also, on range-topping Vorsprung trim, brand-new digital matrix LED fronts lights with no less than 1.3 million micromirrors, which do not a lot brighten the roadway as deliver a forward-facing dawn.

What’s it like?
It’s peachy to drive in specifically the suave-yet-potent way that you desire from an A8. Our examination automobile was a non-UK version, utilizing a 453bhp variation of the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 that we will enter the S8. The irreversible Quattro 4×4, four-wheel guiding and anticipating air suspension of our test automobile is all pertinent to the hot version, though.

Adaptive air suspension is fitted throughout the whole A8 array, yet the anticipating air suspension of the S8 makes use of a cam to check out the road ahead and also prepare accordingly. It not only softens whatever for a speed bump but additionally ‘leans’ the body in fast resort to simulate an energetic anti-sway bar as well as to aid to lower pitch and dive.

It functions, also, maintaining body control exactly in check, despite the A8’s considerable heft, however it must be stated the Audi disappoints the S-Class’s more tactile, fluid steering actions. It’s still a certain point to possess around town or on a rapid winding road, mind; responsive it isn’t, yet it really feels indomitable the 2nd you set off.

It’s kicking back, also, shrugging off big bumps and also high frequency roadway patina with equivalent nonchalance, although there’s a subtle patter in Dynamic driving mode at slower rates if we’re actually quibbling. It’s a real embarassment that the anticipating trip system will be offered to us only on the S8, due to the fact that it can resolve the substantial concern that the A8 doesn’t rather ride in addition to you may wish.

The eight-speed automated gearbox sets about its organization with barely a ruffle underway and conveniently keeps the V8 in its really wide comfort area.

Speaking of that engine, it really is a delight. Clearly, the S8 will have a lairier take on procedures, yet it’s hard to envision anybody wanting more power unless they were determined to carry out the full Ronin.

The delightful V8 mutter from the exhaust, the peaceful yet potent laundry of acceleration: it’s all there. Nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that the PHEV version has a comparable 0-62mph time, and also while its V6 as well as electric motor certainly will not seem as excellent, it makes sure to be the rational selection for any person who rents or gets a business automobile.

The updates within are light. The infotainment system may have brand-new software, yet it’s not the modernist slab of touchscreen seen in the S-Class. Still, the piled twin touchscreens look suitably sophisticated and also are in fact easier to make use of, not least thanks to the gear selector that doubles as a wrist remainder while you’re prodding. The food selection designs, graphics and reaction times are fantastic, and also while the screen for the environment control isn’t as instinctive as physical switchgear, it’s rather simple. The guiding wheel is devoid of touch- sensitive ‘buttons’, as well, so commend be for tiny mercies.

Normally, back guests get acres of lounging area, particularly in the long-wheelbase vehicle, and also the boot will take long-haul travel luggage with ease.

Should I buy one?
It would be very easy to dismiss the A8 as dated. Actually, it’s still ruthlessly modern-day by any measure, as well as while it doesn’t quite have the taking care of finesse or trip comfort of the S-Class, it’s currently a lot more tech-savvy, and also less expensive than its major opponent.

So, if you want a traditional limo and also its figures accumulate for you, do not be reluctant: it’s still a first-rate act.