Autocar confidential: Renault’s battery decisions, still no Audi RS8 and more

Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up a week in gossip from across the automotive industry

Today, we asked Audi if there’s any type of plans for an RS version of the A8 public house, spoke with Rolls-Royce chief executive officer Torsten Müller-Ötvös regarding EV chargers as well as found out why the new Variety Rover is the best lorry for a worldwide pandemic. But first, we overtook Renault’s engineering boss to learn what their battery plans are.

Renault considering various battery choices

Not also long ago, we reported that Renault won’t rush to introduce solid-state batteries, however it isn’t putting all its eggs in the lithium ion basket. Engineering employer Gilles Le Borgne told Autocar that FCEVs will also play a role, however mostly in the business lorry market: “When you’re talking about big CVs, you have to use hydrogen, or else you have a lot of batteries. It’s not an easy equilibrium.”

The Audi A8 has actually just been freshened, however there’s still no RS8. An item spokesperson told us “there are no plans in the pipe” as “an RS is really meaningful as well as therefore interest clients who would like that, while the A8 clients favor a little bit more exaggeration”. What’s not subtle regarding the RS Q8’s 592bhp V8 and 23in alloys?

EV chargers require to be for everyone, including Rolls-Royce owners

You can’t charge Rolls-Royce of ignoring the issues of us simple mortals. As it gets ready to go all-electric, CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös recognized that even the flushest EV proprietors will certainly need public battery chargers. “It would be a terrific despair if the general public charging does not match the financial investments made by vehicle companies,” he claimed. “Ethically, it’s wrong” if the network isn’t up to scrape, he added, as “you need to guarantee the public network is for everybody”.

Why the new Range Wanderer is the perfect car to endure a pandemic

Neglect anti-bac wipes and also hand gel: acquire a brand-new Mk5 Range Wanderer to eliminate Covid-19. Seriously. Evidently, its cabin-purifying system, which makes use of ‘twin nanoe’ innovation to fight smells, viruses and bacteria, is 99% reliable versus the virus.