Behind the scenes: driving a £2.6m Bugatti Chiron Super Sport around the Nürburgring

If you have not watched our video review of the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, that culminates in us driving unintentionally sidewards around the Nurburgring in the hosing rain, may I recommend you do so by clicking these blue words. If you have not review our review of the Bugatti Chiron Super Sporting activity please do so by clicking here.

Outstanding, now you have some context of what was perhaps one of the stupidest things that Top Gear has actually ever before done. However in some way, we didn’t wind up in a collapsed heap somewhere in the Adenau woodland, we made it through. This gallery is a chronological trip behind the scenes of a shoot we’re unlikely to forget in a hurry.

I mean, as locations for getting a finance automobile go, this beats the VW Group press garage in Milton Keynes. The Estate St. Jean is where Ettore Bugatti made use of to get his consumers and commemorate their acquisition, probably with a couple of containers of expensive sparkling wine, before sending them on their cheerful way. Your home has been completely recovered and the custom of using it to schmooze clients continues today, with the first stage committed to an exhibit on the brand’s background. Normally we massively outstayed our welcome taking unlimited photos and also firing the opening sequence of the video right here … prior to we were kindly asked to get on with it.

This is Dave Hale. Dave makes video clips … truly, really attractive ones. This is him getting some of those super-slick details that you’ll see peppered throughout the movie. Dave’s task is to try and make me look great as well as like I recognize what I’m talking about. Wish Dave.

Generally, a black vehicle is the sworn enemy of the picture or video lens. Both Dave and Dennis (professional photographer, you’ll meet him in a bit) sighed audibly when they saw ‘our’ Super Sport. They both vowed loudly when they saw the colour of the one sitting on the opposite of the Estate … but no amount of begging could alter Bugatti’s mind. Black it was.

A great deal to unload below. We simply discovered a clear stretch of derestricted Autobahn and also handled to hit 211mph. On a public road. Legally … and also safely provided just how within its comfort zone the automobile still was. We have actually drawn right into a layby to assess what we’ve got.

For insurance policy objectives Andy Wallace (Bugatti test driver, guy who drove a McLaren F1 at 250mph, as well as much more lately a Chiron SS at 304mph) had to remain in the guest seat whatsoever times. Fine by me, as co-pilots go he was dazzling firm and invested the majority of his time egging me on, yet it likewise indicated he had to be camera driver while I supervised of my very own audio.

I have actually obtained the earphones on, inspecting we videotaped something able to be used, Dave is making sure the GoPros were in fact turned on, Andy appears to be showing Rowan images of his cat and also a truck driver has appeared to take images that he can wow his friends with in the Road Grill later.

This is Dennis Noten, digital photographer extraordinaire, hardly out of nappies however currently a master of his craft. That craft being sitting around patiently in the boot of an Audi Q3 rental waiting on reporters to quit pointing out interesting features to any kind of passing pedestrians that show a small bit of interest. He was there a while.

Necessary petrol station picture. Except this isn’t any petrol station, it’s the ED station on the Döttinger Höhe, about 4km from the Nurburgring entry– last chance to top up. Extra factors if you can detect the fill-up shot in the video clip where my finger appears to be leaking with blood. It was, still have no suggestion how that happened, probably it was a negative prophecy of what was ahead …

We had not even arrived at the track yet and also currently the carparazzi were swarming around it.

See what I imply? Parked up right here to get some irritable shots with the track snaking off right into the distance and also the globe and his sister descended. Getting close to our lap currently, nerves are jangling, grateful for the well-placed Portaloo.

Could not they have just called it ‘Accessibility Card’ or ‘Swipe Card’? Nope ‘ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY HECK CARD’ it is. Place this at the obstacle for 12.9 miles of pure pleasure/terror (erase as appropriate).

If you’ve enjoyed the video you’ll understand this is the diesel BMW 3 Series compact that kept me and also my 1,578 bhp hypercar behind it for most of the lap. Was it as galling as it looked? Yes, but the rain was coming down in bannisters and there was literally no hold. Within one corner it was a fight for survival … as well as my household’s solvency.

To have any purposeful acquisition externally Michelin Pilot Sport Mug 2s requirement temperature level– regarding 35 levels a corner in the wet, yet warming them up when anything faster than a jog as well as a whiff of steering lock equalled a code brownish minute, was next to impossible. So we slid around like we get on ice, waiting to hit something and also swipe tomorrow’s headlines. Miraculously we made it about.

Ha! This Renaultsport Megane Trophy-R driver possibly thought they were mosting likely to remain in the most over-priced car on the Nürburgring that day! Tiny victory, but we’ll take it.

Well, you can’t lap and make it through the Environment-friendly Hell without placing a sticker label on your ₤ 3m hypercar to honor it, can you? Bugatti, please send out the bill for paintwork damage to the typical address.