BMW and EV drivers more likely to display psychopathic traits: ‘study’

Well, “study” in quotes: The science is weak, but it does confirm some stereotypes

If you’re mosting likely to send this tale to your BMW- or EV-driving contacts, you might intend to secure your doors after that.

Because according to a recent “research” by a scrap automobile price comparison business in the U.K.– your best resource for automobile psychology, right?– people that drive Bimmers or EVs are more likely to present crazed propensities than motorists of other brand names of cars.

Scrap Automobile Contrast had 2,000 car owners complete a ‘Psychopath Test’ in the form of a 12-question study to identify where each fell on the psychopathy scale, from no to 36. Psychopaths commonly display antisocial practices, have strong egotistical qualities, and also do not have compassion.

While the group’s standard of 6.6 was near the common psychopathy rating of 3.0 to 6.0 on the-almost-40-point scale– we’re all a little psycho, see– there were some outliers. BMW vehicle drivers almost increased the group standard with a score of 12.1, adhered to by Audi motorists at 11.7. The following brand provided was Fiat, with a score of 7.0.

The most morally depraved part according to the research, however, were EV owners, who scored a consolidated 16-out-of-36. Those with individualized licence plates additionally racked up high, at 13-of-36.

Currently, exactly how agent of the actual population can a 12-question study administered by a scrap-car company to such a little example size be? Not very. That’s clear. But it does still appear to validate a few stereotypes, like that BMW as well as Audi motorists commonly imitate they have the road, or that EV owners think they’re far better than the remainder of us.

And also just to be secure, if you do take place to have someone in your individual network who drives a BMW i8 with an individualized licence plate, you must probably run.