MINI's first fully-electric MINI Cooper SE came about a year ago, and last year the new generation of the five-door MINI Countryman was also introduced. The launches took the MIN to historic highs in many countries. Despite the pandemic and the temporary disruption to production, MINI sold more cars than ever before. Now MINI is boldly revamping its three-door and five-door models, as well as the MINI Cabriolet models.

The new design is part of a comprehensive overhaul of the MINI range, as well as the three-door and five-door models and the MINI Cabriolet. The new versions will enter the global market as early as March 2021. The new MINI is based on a compressed design that aims to better highlight the key elements typical of the MINI and reduce other features.

MINI introduces a new package model that makes the buying process smoother and easier to manage. MINI offers ready-made packages from which the buyer can choose the transmission and accessories that suit their needs and wishes.

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One of the most distinctive features of the MINI is the contrasting colours of the roof and body. A new type of innovative colouring (Multitone Roof) is now available for three-door and five-door models, created with a new painting method. The ceiling is painted with three colours on top of each other before the previous colour has dried. Thanks to the method, each MINI with a multi-coloured roof is unique.

The following generations of MINI models, regardless of concept and size, will remain to be an unmistakable MINI, with maximum interior space and individual customizations for buyers.

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