Carlos Sainz Sr and Sebastien Loeb on the future of WRC

Two rallying legends chat to TG about their involvement in Extreme E and the future of the WRC

Between them, Carlos Sainz Sr and also Sebastien Loeb have 11 World Rally Championships, 3 Dakar Rally wins (all for Carlos) and an outrageous quantity of experience in various other self-controls.

They were both also involved in the inaugural season of the all-electric off-road race collection Extreme E, with Loeb driving for Lewis Hamilton’s Group X44 and also Sainz owning and driving for the Acciona Sainz XE Group.

So, what do they both construct from electrically-powered off-road motorsport, as well as most importantly is it the future for the WRC? We overtook them both to find out.

TG: Carlos, how have you located Extreme E thus far?
Carlos: “I would say in general it’s looking appealing, we have some issues with the dust in Saudi Arabia yet the second race was really fascinating and also tough.

” Head to head racing is a little different to what I’m made use of to. We don’t have many configuration opportunities– three for the springs, various trip elevations as well as one modification to the shock absorbers. I need to obtain used to that because I like to test and also adjust a cars and truck to my liking.

” I make certain the 2nd season will be more powerful.”

TG: Do you assume Severe E can leave a positive heritage?
Carlos: “I think we get on the ideal track. It’s not only a race, we have actually been taught a lot by the researchers regarding the planet as well as about the issues we are dealing with.

” It’s something that I rejoice to be a part of. The concept of the champion is fantastic. Obviously I have actually remained in motorsport enough time to regard and also to say that I still like regular motorsport, however I more than happy to be part of this brand-new means of doing motorsport.”

TG: Just how have you found driving the electric Odyssey 21 in Severe E?
Carlos: “It’s challenging in some areas, yet on the other hand as an example you do not have a transmission so you do not have to worry what gear you remain in and also there’s always power readily available. You have fast reactions also. There are lots of locations where it’s making your life simpler, and it’s a little easier than a conventional auto.

” It’s very fascinating as well as I’ve always had a really open mind to try as well as test brand-new points.”

TG: Is the future of the WRC electric?
Carlos: “For me it is necessary that we provide time to the manufacturers to make this modification in a proper way. They have to make it in such a way that maintains the program great. I want to keep watching rallying as well as Formula 1 at the degree they go to the moment.

” We see today in Solution 1 how fantastic the cars and trucks remain in regards to sustainability and the power they have actually contrasted to the kilos of gas that they are burning. We’re searching for e-fuels and things like that.

” With the WRC, sure the future is there for the hybrids, yet it’s important to keep the DNA of the champion as well as I think it’s additionally vital to provide the spectacle, the variety of the champion, the speed, the obstacle of driving these cars and trucks. All this has to work together. It’s not so excellent to push also hard on the makers. I believe you require to offer the sport time to enter the instructions which benefits it.”

TG: Seb, exactly how has the first season of Extreme E been for you?
Seb: “The level of the battle is truly high. It’s a new discipline for me and for every person, yet we have nearly all of the most effective off-road drivers on the planet contending.”

TG: And just how has the auto been for you?
Seb: “The engine is actually easy to take care of, and sometimes it’s difficult to obtain a feeling of rate and also traction in an electrical vehicle yet it’s good in the Odyssey. The power is good, the instantaneous torque is very good. We have some growth to do on the suspension and also the chassis, but it’s the same for all groups and I’ve really delighted in driving the vehicle.”

TG: Can WRC ever before be an all-electric series?
Seb: “Road cars and trucks are going an increasing number of electric, and motorsport constantly mirrors what’s occurring with roadway automobiles. Some self-controls with short races will be less complicated to make fully-electric, however points like WRC and Dakar may be more difficult because of the range.

” That’s something that enhances yearly, though, so maybe one day we will certainly have the possibility of fully-electric rallying. I assume the development of WRC with the crossbreed system behaves. There is a clear action in the direction of power as well as it remains in line with the moments. Plus, there’ll be a favorable action in regards to performance as a result.”