Carlos Sainz Thinks His Hybrid-Electric Audi Is At A Huge Dakar Disadvantage

Having previously won the Dakar rally with Peugeot, Mini, and also Volkswagen in his long off-road occupation, Carlos Sainz the elder (dad of the Ferrari F1 chauffeur) has what it requires to enter a new program and also establish it into a champion in this race. In Audi’s initial year running a collection hybrid-electric equipment in the long-distance rally raid, Sainz really feels that the regulations have actually not been established in such a way that will certainly allow the e-tron to compete on degree ground with its all-gasoline counterparts.

The rally was intending to spruce up the T1 classification to not only permit hybrid machines to complete on rate, however to give them the advantage. Audi, being the first business to delve into this brand-new age of T1, was interested in aiding create these regs. It recommended that T1 have the very same onboard tire rising cost of living system as the 4×4 course, plus allowance for a larger chassis, wheels and tires from the buggy course, and a bit much more suspension traveling than the 4×4 course. If you’re aiming to build a new top course that is much faster than, however not that much faster than the existing leading course, that’s not excessive of an ask.

Well, Toyota and also Prodrive felt it was a bridge also much, and also banned some of those changes. In talking with, right here’s what Sainz had to state concerning it:

” What we can not ignore is that a law that was mosting likely to give priority to these hybrid-electric engines, in the end we have the exact same or less power and more weight.

” We are visiting this very rapidly as well as unfortunately it has actually penalised the job a whole lot. We will certainly have to see exactly how the BoP [Equilibrium of Performance] is, but also for the moment I am not really optimistic.

” What were mosting likely to be automobiles with a little bit much more power than the others, with a bit more suspension travel. In the long run, [we obtained] neither more suspension travel neither more power. Perhaps much less, because of the way they determine it and also with 150kg extra.”

Currently, undoubtedly racing is racing and also any type of variety of things could take place around in the dunes. It’s completely feasible that the Audi’s additional weight as well as absence of suspension traveling could be a benefit. Hah, simply kidding, that’ll be a headache. However it’s absolutely feasible that luck will get on the three-car Audi team’s side, as well as the Toyotas and also Prodrives will have strange failures or navigational errors or something. Never ever pass over a three-time Dakar champ, even if he’s in a cars and truck that will likely be slower.