Carvana Delivery Ends With $30k Hyundai Genesis Falling Off Truck

Before Genesis existed as a high-end vehicle brand, there was the Hyundai Genesis. Available as either a stylish car or sports car, the vehicle garnered adequate interest to convince Hyundai it might create a whole Genesis division. The facelifted model showed up in 2013, as well as it’s remained prominent as a rear-wheel-drive sports car with an offered manual transmission. Regretfully, the ownership experience for this Genesis Coupe purchaser is off to a rough beginning.

Exactly how else would certainly you define viewing your expensive new-to-me sports coupe fall off a delivery truck? The experience is narrated in a brief video from TikTok individual Chris Dankers, that allegedly purchased the auto with Carvana for upwards of $30,000. We do not understand specifically why the cars and truck started curtailing once the flatbed was tipped; clearly it had not been tied down then, nor was it in gear. And if the emergency brake was established, it wasn’t totally engaged.

In any case, as soon as the bed on the Carvana vehicle totally revolves, the car starts rolling backward. At the very least it wasn’t that away the ground, however it was far enough for the car to unceremoniously bang down on the rocker panels simply ahead of the back wheels. If the sickening thud wasn’t sufficient, you can see ground steel flying as it hits the bed.

However wait. There’s more.

In follow-up TikTok videos, we see Dankers still has the automobile. One clip reveals it at a shop obtaining checked for damages, and also indeed, there is absolutely noticeable damages. However, one more clip (embedded listed below) takes us under the hood while a narrator discuss claimed concerns varying from coolant leaks to poor power guiding fluid and also replacement body panels that were supposed to be swapped before shipping. Through video clip remarks, we learn the vehicle reportedly had simply 10,000 miles on it when he bought it with Carvana. From the sounds of it, the poor auto hasn’t had it very simple in spite of the low mileage.

That discusses the $30,000 selling price, as these cars deserve close to that with such low mileage according to Kelley Blue Book. It may additionally clarify why the proprietor still has the cars and truck despite discovering all these supposed issues, as well as seeing it fall off the transportation. We can’t think of there are several entrusted to such mileage, and Carvana normally supplies buyers a number of days with a newly bought automobile before making the sale last. In the comments, Dankers states Carvana will certainly cover the damage from the vehicle, pending an evaluation and also price.

The original video clip is now a week old and there hasn’t been an upgrade for a few days, so it’s feasible the auto went back with Carvana. That brings us to this closing concern: If you made a costly cars and truck purchase only to have it damaged prior to taking shipment, would certainly you maintain the automobile? Allow us know in the remarks below.