Chevy Cruze Claims Two Racing Championships In South America

General Motors not just remains to produce and also market the second-generation Chevy Cruze in South America– the only region on the planet where the lorry has not yet been terminated, yet it effectively takes on the model in significant automotive competitions in the region. Actually, the Cruze has simply simultaneously won the most crucial racing championships in Brazil as well as Argentina.

The car manufacturer announced that the Chevy Cruze claimed both the 2021 Stock Car Championship in Brazil and also the 2021 Super TC200 in Argentina, both leading South American motorsport champions. Significantly, this is the first time that Chevrolet’s small car has been victorious in both race competitions in the very same season, demonstrating the high level of competitiveness achieved by the brand.

“This is the very first time that the Cruze takes the title in the Stock Car and the Super TC2000 all at once. Winning in both major categories of Brazilian as well as Argentine motorsport in the same period is an unprecedented and also really gratifying achievement for Chevrolet,” said Advertising Experience Manager at GM South America, Jorge Maiquez, in a declaration. “Our brand combines exceptionally skilled drivers, extremely expert teams as well as very affordable automobiles. A formula that has been progressing to use increasingly more feeling to the public,” he added.

In Brazil, motorist Gabriel Casagrande was the champ of the 2021 period by getting 378 points with the Chevy Cruze Stock Car, especially designed for this competition outfitted with a 550-horsepower V8 engine. The win, which comes specifically one year after the Chevrolet team won the 2020 period, marks the Cruze’s 5th straight title and the brand’s 36th in the competition.

Meanwhile, chauffeur Agustín Canapino was established as the 2021 Super TC2000 champ of Argentina with an overall of 221 factors aboard the Chevy Cruze TC2000 of the Chevrolet YPF team, which includes the auto’s initial body with particular equipment to exceed 300 km/h on the slopes. This is the 2nd time the Cruze has actually won the Super TC2000 champion, following Canapino’s very own victory in the 2016 season.

Both racing champions have a long history in South American motorsports, led by the Brazilian Stock Car that was born in 1979 with Chevrolet as the founding brand. The Chevy Cruze competition versions for the Stock Car and also the Super TC2000 have mechanical and architectural distinctions adapted to the regulations of each category, yet are based upon the design produced at the GM Rosario plant and were launched at the end of 2016 with the current-generation Cruze.