Chevy Teased A Surprise $30,000 Equinox EV At CES

The crossover will be Chevy’s cheapest EV offering

Chevy’s huge news at CES was the Silverado EV, the bow connection’s big shot at going up against the Lightning as well as Rivian. A lot of the Jalopnik staff were excited to see it– nevertheless, electric offerings in the full-size pick-up space are rather cool by default. I, nevertheless, was nonplussed; to me, the Silverado simply appears like a rebadged low-trim Hummer EV. No, my interest in Chevy’s CES discussion laid someplace even more small: the upcoming Equinox EV.

Considering that Chevy just teased the EVquinox (original name, do not steal), there isn’t much information yet with which to function. What we do recognize, however, goes over: Built on the Ultium system, it’s coming late following year, and also starts at $30,000.

That cost point would certainly damage every EV GM currently makes. Also the Screw, least expensive of the lot, starts a thousand dollars greater– and also one more $2,500 on top of that for the much-desired crossover flight elevation of the Bolt EUV. The ‘EVquinox’ could fill up the somehow-still-vacant space in the marketplace for a cheap, compact amazed crossover.

Chevy hasn’t announced any driveline details for the ‘EVquinox,’ aside from that it’s on the Ultium system. However, that little detail can in fact provide us some info. Of the motors GM has introduced for that system, there’s a 241-horsepower option that’s made to power the front wheels– a nice upgrade from the present 170 HP base engine in the gas-power Equinox.

The Silverado is cool, but the Equinox EV stands to be an actual volume seller for Chevy. A reasonably-sized household crossover, exempt from the fad of ever-increasing brand-new vehicle costs, that will never need a decrease of fuel– what’s not to such as?