Confusing BMW XM Marketing Film Features Knights And ‘Expressive Dance’

Struggling to process the busy styling and giant kidney grilles of the XM concept? Here’s something that definitely won’t help

Although it really did not appear possible, BMW has actually launched a marketing film that’s weirder than its E66 7-series vs iX CES advert. That certain video clip included the newer automobile “mocking” the older one, leaving us all thoroughly confused about what the message was meant to be. Nonetheless, that’s nothing contrasted to a brand-new promotional video for the recently exposed XM idea.

It’s called ‘Knights A-coming’ as well as is referred to as “an inspiring music video combining a distinct place, expressive dance as well as a phenomenal principle vehicle”. ‘Motivating’ does not fairly seem the ideal word – perhaps ‘complex’ or ‘bewildering’ could have been better.

In the video, we see the titular knights riding horseback together with the XM, adhered to by some dancing. Then some more dancing in an intense green room, as well as ultimately, among the professional dancers is knighted while the XM searches and revs boldy.

No, we have actually no suggestion what any one of this is expected to mean, but considered that this comes from a company in charge of various other advertising weirdness including the well known (and considering that erased) “alright boomer” Tweet, we should not be stunned. What we appear to have below is a business desperately trying to reach younger purchasers by ever before unfamiliar person means, while doing so estranging the people in fact acquiring BMWs, the majority of whom more than 55.

When it comes to the XM itself, that’s even more according to what BMW buyers want. Yes, we petrolheads would very much enjoy the very first M-exclusive manufacturing cars and truck sine the M1 to be, well, anything aside from a big hybrid SUV with difficult designing, yet it’s right up the street of the people available delighted to spend over ₤ 100k on an M item. That’s simply the vehicle globe we live in now.

If that’s tough to tolerate, just keep in mind – the 50th anniversary of M GmbH will certainly also be marked by the first-ever production M3 Touring, along with an M4 CSL. We can’t wait to see the “meaningful dance” video clips for those.