Cyan P1800 review: the 414bhp Volvo restomod

If you’re one of the ten-or-so fortunate sods annually that’ll take shipment of a ₤ 380,000 Volvo P1800 Cyan, may I suggest dropping several of your small potatoes on an initial P1800 from the Sixties, also. Only after that will certainly you appreciate the lengths Cyan Competing has actually mosted likely to kiss the actual heights of restomod perfection.

While the old-timer is all type of remarkable – four as well as a half metres of move, swishes and dives perched atop moon disc hub caps – Cyan’s reimagination is much better. It takes the Volvo’s Driving-Miss-Daisy-delicacy and also adds muscle in all the appropriate places, fine-tunes the general proportions to suit (the wheels are moved on, offering it a more cab-back position) and displays a forensic interest to information that draws inescapable contrasts to a solemn firm in California. What Vocalist does to old 911s, Cyan has actually done to an old Volvo.

Take down one and also the only carryover parts from – in this situation – a 1964 contributor vehicle are 50kg of steel around the guest cell, the hood catch, a fly-off handbrake as well as the windscreen wipers. Forget faithful replicas, this is very much a dream reimagination of what a P1800 stuffed with today’s latest track-developed technology would appear like. And also it looks excellent.

Cyan Competing, to the inexperienced, is the team previously called Polestar– prior to Volvo re-assigned that name to its all-electric descendant. Whatever they’re called, they’re the existing Globe Touring Car kings … so they know a point or more concerning transforming street-spec Volvos into track-tuned champs. This task, according to Hans Bååth– Cyan’s General Supervisor, was birthed to commemorate World Touring Car Championship victory in 2017, the same year Volvo commemorated its 90th, making it “a homage to all Volvo motorsport”.