Car Name
Maybach 62 Zeppelin
Car Manufacturer
Daimler AG
Car Price
631 hp
Top speed
155 mph

The Maybach 62 Zeppelin is designed to be driven around with a great pleasure.

The Maybach 62 Zeppelin edition car has a limited run of just 100 units. It's an incomparable high-end luxury car. The Zeppelin quotes the legend from the 1930s and is intended to overshadow everything that has come before. The Maybach Zeppelin compresses fashionable elegance and the art of vehicle production at its most polished as no car has ever done before.

The Maybach 57 S and the long-wheelbase version, the Maybach 62 S, excellent performance is guaranteed in both cases by the 6.0 litre V12 biturbo power unit under the hood, which now delivers 471 kW/640 hp (+ 28 hp) and a top torque of 1000 Newton metres.

The Maybach label is bringing out the new Maybach Zeppelin to initiate its luxury saloon model range. The new car, which is getting its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, depicts the absolute zenith in the high-end luxury saloon segment. This makes it a true follower to the legendary Maybach Zeppelin, which was admired worldwide as the ultimate in high-class automotive engineering in the 1930s.

The limited-edition special designs bear a number of careful identifying markings in the interior. The centre console in the front, the partition screen that is accessible as an option for the Maybach Zeppelin 62, plus the silver champagne flutes included as standard are all marked with the lettering "MAYBACH ZEPPELIN", while the door sill panels as well as the key ring are stamped with the word "ZEPPELIN".

Clients are able to opt for an exceptionally elegant equipment detail that is exclusive to the Maybach Zeppelin - an imaginatively designed, extremely high-quality fragrance atomiser, the only one of its kind in the world. It quickly surpasses all previous efforts to produce something similar, both in terms of its visual appeal and its operation. Its advanced technology and premium fragrances, which can be individually chosen, create a unique aromatic experience in the Maybach Zeppelin's interior at the push of a button - exciting the senses of the occupants not with an intense perfume but with a soft, gentle scent.

The complex, silent-running fragrance atomiser system is a registered Maybach innovation.

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