“Dangerous Dungeon”: A Political Candidate Uses Penn Station To Fearmonger

Rep. Tom Suozzi rails against terrible station conditions and homeless people

Problems regarding Penn Terminal are nothing brand-new. Any individual who has actually walked through the much-maligned New york city City institution could inform you concerning the confined confines, the dimly-lit corridors and all of the indicators of disrepair. Some also wish for the days that Penn Station had a magnificently made headhouse on Seventh Avenue as well as didn’t rest below ground underneath Madison Square Yard. Though, a prospect for Guv of New york city chose to cross a line from objecting about terrible facilities to defaming individuals experiencing homelessness within Penn Terminal.

Agent Tom Suozzi, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate, held an interview on Wednesday at Penn Station to point out the present state of mass transit across the city. Suozzi targeted this public appearance at his main challenger, Guv Hochul. Kathy Hochul is the state’s first guv from outside the New York City location given that 1932. Suozzi represents northeastern Queens as well as Long Island’s North Coast in Congress as well as is a lifelong Long Islander.

While talking, Tom Suozzi leaned on his experiences travelling right into the city on the Long Island Rail Roadway. Though, he promptly pivoted from the typical Penn Station issues to demonizing homeless individuals. He claimed, “There’s actually individuals that are using medications, soaring right outside. There are individuals boldy coming close to individuals right outside of these facilities. It’s a scary place.” While he did cover his bases by mentioning that the boost in criminal activity had not been straight pertaining to the homeless, it was clear what he was trying to suggest.

Yes, there has actually been an increase in subway criminal activity compared to 2020. Though, that results from the low ridership brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Naturally, criminal offense levels would certainly return to pre-pandemic degrees are ridership returns to typical. According to New York City Authorities Department statistics, 1,581 significant felonies were committed on public transportation from January to November 2021. 1,626 major felonies were dedicated in 2020. Pre-pandemic, 2,227 significant felonies were committed in 2019. The NYPD’s interpretation of a significant felony consists of attack, rape, murder, break-in and break-in.

Winning ballots should not come with the cost of some of the people who require aid one of the most. I would wish that the next Governor of New York would certainly understand that whether they have travelled through Penn Station or otherwise.