Doug DeMuro’s Video On The Rivian R1T’s ‘Quirks And Features’ Is 45 Minutes Long. Literally.

The King of Quirk meets the quirkiest pickup on Earth, and the result is exactly what you expect.

The Rivian R1T is the coolest pickup ever before made. Not only do I think that to be real (fine, I do find older vehicles to be cooler, yet I’ll presume Doug implies “coolest when new”), however that’s additionally the title of former Jalop, YouTube baller, and also automobile sales business person Doug DeMuro’s recent video clip. Enjoy as the King of Peculiarity eyes over the quirkiest brand-new pickup on the planet.

You may have currently seen this, due to the fact that it’s from five days earlier and also has 1.3 million sights, yet if you haven’t, now’s the moment.

I’m not almost the quirk fetishist that Doug is, but also I couldn’t withstand obtaining thrilled by the Rivian’s crazy attributes.

I felt a little bit guilty making that video clip over as well as writing my short article “Your Overview To The 2022 Rivian R1T Electric Pickup’s Unbelievable Devices,” since even though Doug does not possess a patent/copyright/trademark on the term “trait” or on the principle of revealing people automotive devices, he’s the best at the game. The GOAT.

It was clear to me that my excursion of the Rivian’s quirks was only ever going to amount to a pack of Great Value brand name Oreos. You recognize, the inexpensive vanilla paste-filled chocolate sandwich cookies that will carry out in a pinch when real Oreos are nowhere to be found, but allow’s be truthful, nobody tingles choosing this up off the rack:

Yet I had no choice. There were a lot of peculiarities– ones that I could not be expected to withstand showing you, and also ones that you dear visitors should not have actually been anticipated to wait on. It was a quirk overload for all of us.

The good news is, my job held back the tide of need for the actual Oreos, though deep in the comments section, it was clear that people were collecting pitchforks and torches. The people had grown tired of Spin & Screams: