Driver Dead As Car Crashes Into River Above Niagara Falls

The Coast Guard attempted a rescue scarily close to the edge of Niagara Falls

An auto accident into the Niagara River, ending up incredibly near the side of the waterfall, records ABC News. The accident asserted the life of the cars and truck’s only owner, a woman reported to be in her 60s. Her name hasn’t been released yet in order to give authorities time to alert her household, but she’s claimed to be a local that lived neighboring.

The U.S. Shore Guard tried a helicopter rescue as the auto wandered better to the side of the greater than 150-foot decrease. They lowered a scuba diver down to the automobile where they were able climb inside and also pull her out, yet regrettably, she was obvious dead at the scene.

Information are still limited at this time, so it’s hard to claim specifically what happened or why, however currently, authorities do not believe anyone else was in the vehicle with her.

Stephen T Watson, a reporter for the Buffalo Information, was on the scene and shared what he experienced in a Twitter thread. While we still do not know the majority of the information, you can see in the tweet over simply exactly how close the cars and truck was to the edge of the drops.

In addition, here’s the rescue diver being decreased down over the cars and truck as the turbulence from the helicopter made the cold water also choppier than it currently was.

The cars and truck itself was almost totally immersed, with only part of the roof as well as the opened trunk lid visible over the water. After the vehicle driver’s body was eliminated from the car, it remained about 150 feet from the falls’s edge, leaving authorities to figure out just how to pull the automobile out of the river.