Ford Focus Estate

The new Ford Focus Estate is based upon the same stiffer, much safer and lighter platform as the hatch. The only real difference between both is a little bit of extra metalwork behind the B-pillar, which at the expense of a few kgs includes a suitable whack of boot area. It’s for the family that won’t suit a five-door hatchback (read: most households with more than one child), and also does not desire a high-riding crossover or SUV.

We support these households. Little estates like the Emphasis are usually more economical, better to drive as well as more useful than similarly-priced crossovers. Costs begin at around ₤ 19,400 – ₤ 1,100 more than the equal Emphasis hatch, yet around ₤ 2,500 less than the Seat Ateca, for example, a normal (and great) household crossover.

Both inside and out, the Emphasis Estate is a large renovation on the cars and truck it replaces. Not that the MK3 Emphasis was a poor car, you recognize. However because it was made for a worldwide target market, not simply us Europeans, it wasn’t fairly as much fun as it should certainly have been. It had not been specifically fine-looking either (Ford hasn’t made an attractive Emphasis considering that the MK1), and the interior was modelled on a smart phone that was currently outdated by the time the auto took place sale. A facelift in 2014 enhanced matters, but by the end of its life, the MK3 Emphasis was a cars and truck that felt its years. And after that some.

The MK4 borrows heavily from the brand-new Carnival for its exterior and interior designing. Inside a tablet-style infotainment screen lives above the air-vents and also environment controls, high up in the vehicle driver’s eye-line. In all bar the base Style model it admits to Ford’s SYNC infomercial system, which for this generation has an integrated SIM for online location searches and web traffic info as well as is compatible with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.

The outside, meanwhile, isn’t to everybody’s tastes. A few of my coworkers think the Estate is a little bit of a looker, others assume the hatch works but that the wagon’s a little bit of a whale, while a couple of believe that both bodystyles are similarly terrible. In any case, this is unquestionably a cars and truck that reacts well to a little bit of spec. The bigger wheels as well as a lot more aggressive bodykit of ST-Line designs do wonders for the Focus’s road presence.

Petroleum engines are from Ford’s ‘EcoBoost’ family members of three-cylinders, and also normally there are diesels too. Ford calles these ‘EcoBlue’ engines.

” A thoroughly capable family members car that takes care of far much better than it actually needs to”
A fine household vehicle. Focus is sensible and also roomy enough, even if parts of the inside are bit below average. Offsets it with an excellent series of engines as well as engaging handling, however. It actually does deal with far much better than a car of this size or kind needs to. If you’re absolutely tempted by a crossover, make certain you drive a little estate like this initial. It’ll be less cash, more affordable and much more fun.