Ford Puma

This could go in either case. On the one hand the Puma is a little crossover based on the Fiesta, so it should be enjoyable to drive in a way really couple of small crossovers actually are.

But on the other hand, there’s an additional small crossover based on the Carnival. It’s the Ecosport, and it’s a bit rubbish.

Actually, Ford’s crossovers are rather spotty. While the Kuga’s just great, does any person remember seeing an Edge on British roadways? Or a Ka+ Active? Been worthy of flops, both of them, moribund long prior to they in fact secured it in 2014.

Spoiler alert: yes. The Puma is at heart a taller, much longer Carnival. Which’s virtually exactly how it guides as well as trips, with the Puma ST being a genuine shock. Yet there’s more to it than that, since as runaway sales of the existing small crossovers confirm, dynamics have actually hardly signed up in customers’ concerns. Or else exactly how can you describe the reality that 2019 was the Ecosport’s best-ever marketing year in the UK, and it will live on for some years after the Puma is released?

To stand out among rivals, the Puma requires more than simply driving smarts. And also it has. Leading, it has some actually instead brilliant ideas around its rear end. Yeah, Leading Equipment doesn’t typically pinpoint the boot this far up a road-test. Because boots are boring. Yet needing to leave your things behind is burning out too. And so is cleaning out the damp rug of a boot that’s been soiled by sloppy gear.

So the Puma has a big deep rubber-lined box (called, inventively, the ‘MegaBox’) listed below its boot flooring where you can carry your mess. And also when the box itself gets too wet, well you can just open a plug-hole and also sluice it out. Also when dry, it’s the greatest and most practical boot in the small crossover course.

Number two, they added a great deal of tech. There’s an electronic instrument pack. The auto transmission version has the option of level-two assisted driving, comparable to the Juke’s ProPilot.

An additional conventional piece of tech is its always-on internet link, used for more than just satnav web traffic information. If any compatible connected automobile (and soon there’ll be lots) in the area accidents, or skids, or breaks down, it’ll send a cautioning to the cloud. That’s picked up by the Puma as it approaches so it’ll caution its motorist what’s simply round the edge.

3rd Puma USP is the engine. All variations of the three-cylinder petroleum have 48-volt mild-hybrid support. Functions like this. They offered it a bigger turbo for even more power– 155bhp is a lot from just a litre. Which would normally have made it badly laggy. Yet the electrical motor kicks in at low revs and also fills the hole. After that there’s that 197bhp ST version with a 1.5-litre turbo three-pot (Feast ST-alike), but with torque up from 214lb ft to 236. That a person is front wheel drive as well as – shock – a manual.

The styling is softer than the previous period of Fords, with gently bent sides resting listed below a midsection that’s aesthetically lengthened by a black strip at the base of the screen column. This draws your eye back horizontally from the bonnet, instead of up to the roofing system.

” Ford’s previous type in crossovers is a bit erratic. Looter alert: this set’s a good ‘un”.
If it had been launched a year earlier the Puma would certainly have been the no-brainer selection in the course. However it’s obtained some useful new rivals: second-generation Juke, Captur and 2008, plus the VW T-Cross.

Even so, it’s an impressively rounded thing. Its mix of an intriguing engine, solid cornering and sensible flight are difficult to match in the class, as well as the interior is intelligently functional along with perfectly equipped. The ST is a fun auto to drive, with unexpected capacity – and usually, you can see why the Puma has been comfortably obtained by the getting public.