Ford’s Pre-Christmas EV Tweetstorm Is A Weird Menagerie Of Memes

As we roll through the last week of 2021, now is a great time to review something a bit unusual that taken place shortly prior to Xmas. In this circumstances, the quirkiness comes from Ford via social media, especially Twitter. By now, we’re all knowledgeable about net memes and also the hilarity they can often communicate. However, we don’t commonly see them from car manufacturers, never mind a full-on strike of passive-aggressive messages.

That’s specifically what occurred on December 21, as Ford’s Twitter account sent out no less than nine memes on behalf of electrical lorries. By assistance, we generally imply taking typical debates versus EVs and belittling them to some extent. Undoubtedly, some are rather smart, such as the smiling steed explaining that, without an engine audio, amateur in-car karaoke can get to a totally new degree.

Unfortunately, it’s countered by several cringe-worthy efforts to weaken legit arguments like array stress and anxiety. That is, unless Ford assumes individuals only drive in your area to work and also institution for their entire lives.

And after that there are EV tweets that are just peculiar, like the cat using sunglasses that isn’t worried about getting to function regardless of failing to remember to connect in the vehicle the evening prior to.

Mind you, this tweet follows another tweet making fun of individuals worried about forgetting to plug in their EV the evening prior to. Yeah, that’s awkward.

There’s no doubt that Ford is keen to establish itself as a leader in the EV world. The Mustang Mach-E has actually so far shown to be a success, and with the brand-new F-150 Lightning racking up almost 200,000 appointments, Ford is doing everything it can to increase manufacturing initiatives. Whether this wave of pro-EV memes is a precursor to a new public relations initiative is unidentified, but we reached out to Ford in hopes of acquiring a bit more understanding into this interested project.

Nonetheless, judging from the wide variety of negative feedbacks to the tweets, we aren’t sure the messages will persuade anyone to go all-electric that had not been already planning to do so.