A throwback to 2008, when the Lexus IS-F took on the formidable might of the German thunder saloon pack

Below he is, a knotted old man at the wheel of a partly fossilised Suzuki SJ410 doing precisely 60kph along a peaceful road simply outside the Spanish city of Seville. His face is a mass of tan natural leather engineered by the sun, his bemused resent the road ahead betraying his falling short vision, his wandering line betraying his failing steering box. He is not expecting what happens next.

As we round a corner as well as the road in advance blossoms into a valley-long straight, not an oncoming truck in sight, I push back my shoulders, draw the left-hand paddle of this Lexus IS-F … as well as floor it. Every little thing goes a bit odd, as 417bhp attempts to divorce the rear set of tyres from their comfortable tarmac roost. The Suzuki pings towards the IS-F like its brakes have all of a sudden jammed on, and also the vacuum pipelines in the Lexus’s Yamaha-fettled engine reach emergency at 3,600 rpm, open up some large noisy valve as well as replace the cultured low-rev Lexus hum with a thick, dangerous-sounding bellow.

I can’t see his face clearly, yet our dear old chap in the SJ runs the wheel as the IS-F lunges ahead, grabs one more equipment, shimmies somewhat as it touches a dusty average as well as charges off up the valley like an angry swelling of pure evil. A Lexus that makes individuals flinch because it’s so loud? I such as that. I such as that a great deal. And also it gets better. Since as we pull up in a dirty, rocky little lay-by a number of miles later on, a random string of designations is all of a sudden defined in spectacular metal 3D: IS-F vs M3 vs C63 vs RS4. Tough not to break out that schoolboy grin, truly.

There has been naysaying. Doom and grief has actually been taught by those who claim that the days of high-horsepower profligacy more than, that fast-for-fast’s-purpose resembles, so 2005. This, I’m pleased to reveal, is rubbish. Today, from a Spanish hillside, I can gladly report that horse power is not dead, it’s just grown up a bit and also transferred to the residential areas. Spiky-haired, bewinged, bottle-wielding fast-car yobbery could have ended up being antiquated in the face of a media-friendly risk of global fatality and its Prius-wielding military, however that does not imply to state that the producers have actually quit making them. They have actually simply made them comb their hair and polish their shoes.

It is with that in mind that you know none of these cars looks particularly Rampton day-release, although every one is quickly sufficient to make your ears clap around the back of your head. So we obtain refined(ish) hood bulges, wheel arc flares, bigger size wheels, bigger exhausts and also much deeper scoops, but no huge looters or aesthetically lurid splitters to offer the game away. All have put on lean muscle without coming under the caricature designing trap and ending up with a body builder’s waddle. Out of all 4, the Lexus with its black wheels, huge arcs, engine-bay air conditioning front wheel arch vents and quadpiggyback exhaust suggestions is one of the most hostile.

The C63 is an advantage, a recognisable thing, however not a neon advert. Those half-submerged torpedo-shaped bulges in the hood mark the C-Class’s possibility, however actually there’s extremely little anger in it, even though the four exhausts are a little more explicit. The BMW is similarly limited, and also although we have the sports car variation here, there’s something über-normal about it that means while it’s easy to forget, if you linger, there’s a wealth of stunning performance detail to absorb.

As constantly, the RS4 stashes behind-the-scenes, confident, refined as well as muscle, wheel arc flares and also distinctive wheels matching the twin-oval exhausts that state the nature of the V8’s business. There isn’t much visual pork on any of the cars and trucks, and also every one looks the better for it– Bruce Lee rather than Extraordinary Hulk. Specifically due to the weight of performance they all carry– under fives for the 0-62mph dash as well as more than 155mph each, even if they do all have 4 seats as well as luggage area genuine life, all for very early ₤ 50k. Those sort of stats placed these vehicles within fantasizing range and also make me extremely happy.

The centerpiece is, obviously, the IS-F. And, young boy, is it a very early adopter’s desire. The 5.0-litre V8 coincides block as in the LS600h, other than without the ‘h’ bit as well as with input from Yamaha to make it a lot more invasive. Yamaha is renowned for 2 things: bikes and also pianos, so adjusting is undoubtedly its point. There are other things taking place to wring that 417bhp and 373lb ft of torque out of the block, however suffice to say this is about as much from a Buick 302 as an F1 automobile is from a bike. It’s also mated to a version of the LS’s eight-speed car, but with an ultra-quick paddleshift.

Straight drive gives a shift time of 100 milliseconds, as well as yet when you pop it back right into ‘comfort’, it additionally has the slushy loveliness of an exceptional auto. Gently waddle around in ‘D’, as well as really you ‘d have very little concept of what the IS-F is truly all about. Yea, there’s a neat set of racy, blue-lit dials, some stylish seats and also a nicely ended up dashboard, yet it does not exactly scream that it’s going to toenail your head to the back windshield when you press the ‘Sporting activity’ button on the right of the guiding wheel and advance the righthand pedal past a quarter traveling. It rides virtually supernaturally well, and also it has the specified isolatory ambiance and also pottering-speed awesomeness of little sibling IS250, including guiding that is so dead between, I believed my fingers had actually gone numb.

The Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, on the other hand, appears simpler theoretically, otherwise in execution. Below’s a substantial 457bhp, 6.3-litre V8 with 442lb ft of torque, in a reasonably small auto, driving the rear wheels through a seven-speed, paddle-override vehicle with a superaggro change pattern if you push and turn the requisite knobs. The guiding is pin-sharp as well as susceptible to kickback on the busted Spanish tarmac, the seats are deep, hip- and haunch-throttling buckets, and also the distribution from that engine is both excessive for the rear tires in most situations and among the most lifeaffirming little bits of machinery I have actually ever run into.

It’s not an easy cars and truck to drive quick, to be straightforward. You do not kick back with it, or ever before relax sufficient to obtain your heart rate down below imminent-heart-attack degrees. In fact, the C63 can be especially terrible on these quickly, sweeping Spanish roadways that frequently chuck in seriously disturbing craters mid-corner, or a big lump someplace uncompromising. The C63 is so rigid, that at one factor, braking down from a quick straight into a 35mph left, the auto hit a bump as well as I hit the roof. Travelling rapidly on a really bumpy, treacherously cambered roadway like this in a C63 is not for the pale of heart, or the specifically noise of head.

The overridden seven-speed auto additionally feels seriously clunky alongside the Lexus, and nowhere near as sweet as either of the handbooks. Bizarrely for a car AMG, this really feels even more like a racing auto than any one of the others below. Getting it right is harder, because you can not just jump on the throttle– with the traction control activated, the little blinky orange light falters your progression; with it switched off, foolish throttle-stampings will cause you force-feeding a Merc right into a tree. The polar reverse of, claim, the grip-tastic four-wheel-driveyness of the RS4. Claiming that, there might be a connection with the required tractive pressures involved with obtaining that much horse power and also torque to the roadway, but heck it can place a smile on your face whenever you split vast that exhaust opera.

Which brings me nicely to the BMW M3. Below is an automobile that is maybe the original sporting activities tavern critic, as well as about as secure a wager as straight bullion. This is the six-speed handbook with 414bhp and a lowly-in-this-company 295lb feet of torque (147lb feet less than the C63) from its 4.0-litre V8. The sacrifice may permit a racy 8,400 rpm red line, but sacrifice it is, and also you’ll instantly really feel that the Beemer is slower, less anxious in the lower reaches, even with the ‘power’ button depressed and also the EDC set to max.

It just actually begins to snap above 5,500 rpm, and when it does, the entire auto stops being a friendly dawdler and comes alive. You seize gears just to get an extra sniff of hydrocarbons burning at 8,400 rpm, to have the engine run its fingers up and down your spinal column. Of all the cars here, it is the one that alters instructions with one of the most fluidity as well as feel. It likewise diminishes thoroughly down around you like warmed-through clingfilm and also deals with so swiftly that freedoms are easy to take without being punished by routine maiming of the ego. It’s an embarassment that the interior is so boring, the clutch as well as transmission feel a bit breakable and also the guiding wheel is so thick– there’s so much to such as that the poor bits actually jar.

And so to the Audi. The RS4 is right here as a control, the Petri-dish criteria for all this new and shiny speed merchandise. It isn’t in complete opinion since the absence of freshly forged ‘old’ A4 bodyshells offered with which to RS-ify means it is technically out of production. Yet in a globe of one-trick ponies, the four-wheel-drive RS4 has actually verified itself over and over again to be one heck of an all-rounder.

It hasn’t got any kind of event techniques either– the dish of a 414bhp, 311lb ft V8 as well as Quattro four-wheel-drive is practically all you require. There’s a 40/60 torque split front to rear in most circumstances, with approximately 85 percent thrown at the back axle if things obtain slippy. There’s also that lovely high-revving V8 under the hood, but essentially the RS4 deals a straight deck; it is a phenomenally quick Quattro, and the first of a generation of Audis that supplies on the driving experience in addition to the paper statistics. This is additionally among minority autos that stands up to fond memory, every subtlety still reproduced in sensitive Technicolor, also with the cotton-wool of such a hefty drivetrain. I liked this automobile when it was released.

It hasn’t altered. Consistent throttle and also feeding in the power on the peak is the secret. It understeers if you get over-excited, yet puts up without histrionics if you do overstep the mark. It feels torquier than the BMW, less so than the Merc or the IS-F. In the wet it’ll additionally do a bit of lift-off oversteer, or undramatic however fun four-wheel drifts. It’s not the happy power-oversteer of the other three vehicles right here, which is a little frustrating, however I think that 95 percent of the moment, you’ll be more than happy with Quattro. As a daily efficiency cars and truck, the RS4 is a living tale.

And also as quickly as we have actually been tooling around for a couple of hours of combined driving, it becomes apparent that there isn’t a duff automobile right here. There are, nonetheless, 4 cars and trucks that provide on precisely the exact same style short in absolutely different methods. Each auto brings an almost unrecognisable experience, as if each drinkery were created for a different bespoke customer.

The method these vehicles operate and also manage makes you want to Monster the ultimate super-saloon from various bits due to the fact that, though all are fantastic, none is perfect. The Lexus has one of the most amazing drivetrains of its generation– lightning fast and bizarrely qualified. It trips like a limousine, can cope with the day-to-day even more comfortably than anything else below as well as (I believe) looks wonderful. However it isn’t without its faults: it bongs and dings as well as twitters at every little thing. The exhaust suggestions do not actually link to the exhausts themselves– which you can see clearly if you adhere to the vehicle at night. Lexus claims this is to distribute heat at the back bumper area, yet it’s a little visual fakery that, whatever the factor, undervalues the automobile. The guiding is so wrong for Europe that it makes me wish to shriek. It can be a hooligan, however the edginess has been deteriorated by unrelenting excellence. I such as a bit of edge in quick automobiles, it makes them extra human.

Everybody emerges from the C63 sporting a slight sheen of sweat and a look of relief. This actually is an amazing cars and truck from Mercedes, which has elevated its game to the point where you do not have to make excuses for a huge AMG. This point has character in everything it does. If it rode much better and had the Lexus’s transmission and BMW’s steering, I would certainly remain in love. However it doesn’t, so I’m not. Not entirely, anyhow.

Obviously, the RS4 is probably the most sensible, yet it’s likewise the easiest to access. Never has an auto been this much enjoyable and also been so risk-free, approximately quick. Where the Merc wants to attack your take on, and the Lexus is a bit disinterested, the RS4 strolls a magic tight-rope. Yet you can not play so quickly similar to the RWD vehicles, as well as in these best couple of hrs, its been a tiny but vital string that’s been missing out on for the RS.

Which leaves the BMW. It’s not the most hardcore of the automobiles below, nor the fastest. It’s obtained a dull interior and a nearly anaemic absence of torque. However it is motivating. Happy to go fast, delighted to go sluggish, easy to have fun with, remarkably pleasing in strike mode. The equilibrium and also grace and steering is what attracts you to it, and the longer you spend, the more you pertain to value the true breadth of its skill. So who wins?

Well, after much deliberation, endless circular discussion and also numerous pints of strong cider, the solution is: no one. There is no ‘best’ in this group. I have actually tried to separate a victor, however it simply can’t be done. Each has toughness and weaknesses, some that you would certainly be prepared to cope with greater than others, however they’re not necessarily deal-breakers. For me, it goes like this: I want a C63 to play with, since it makes me seem like a 17-year-old, however it would certainly tire me out if I drove it day-to-day. I want an RS4 daily, yet believe I ‘d hanker after something extra throttle-adjustable occasionally. The M3 is the most effective all-rounder, however I’m not really into the M3 picture and universality. So there’s the Lexus. Dazzling, exciting, slightly crazy Lexus. It’s flawed. It’s except the hardcore amongst us. But also for some factor I’m drawn to it. Drawn to the modern technology, attracted to the truth there’ll only be 150 in the UK per year. Drawn to its oddness.

So, for when, I’ll leave the option of what to require to you. Last one back to the UK isn’t trying hard enough.