Gallery: these are the world’s best police cars

All the world’s weird and wonderful cop cars, from Teslas to Caparos


Italian Polizia Ferrari 250 GTE

The story goes that back in the Sixties Italian crims were quite useful. To maintain the Polizia graduated from Alfa 1900s to Giulia 1600 Taverns, but they still weren’t quickly sufficient. Police Officer Armando Spatafora was asked by the top brass what he needed to keep up. “What could be far better than a Ferrari?” he responded.

And a Ferrari he got. Completed in black with a hard-wearing tan leatherette inside, chassis # 3999 was in active service from 1963 to late-1968. Spatafora was just one of just 4 policemans enabled to drive it, having travelled to Maranello for high-speed training.

Carabinieri Suzuki Jimny

In a move not unlike ditching a huge terrifying authorities Alsatian in favour of a basket of puppies, the Carabinieri seem intent on melting miscreants’ hearts and also conserving all that tiring bother of actually having to chase them down.

” Carabinieri selected Suzuki to provide flexibility to females and also men engaged in the area to the defence of respect and also correctness, both on roadway and also off road,” reviews a not terribly converted declaration, while one more adorably defines the Jimny as “the tiny among Suzuki’s home”.

Yep, our heart simply went all unclear also, and also we’ve quickly handed ourselves in despite the fact we’ve devoted no criminal activity. The Suzuki Jimny patrol car is working currently.

Victoria authorities Tesla Design X.

” There is excellent environmental advantage to electric lorries as well as considering our state highway patrol cars travel thousands of kilometres on the road per year, we should always be checking out ways we can minimize our effect on the setting.”.

So claim Aussie cops concerning the implentation of a trial Design X We suspect there’s also excellent benefit to a ginormous, crim-swallowing capsule that can strike 60mph from a dead stop in sub three seconds. Those leaving utes surely stand no chance.

‘M Town’ BMW M2.

BMW’s M2 police car may be little bit more than an advertising stunt, however we do not care. Spruced up in BMW’s own US-inspired’M Town’ authorities livery, it has a full collection of lights and, remarkably, some bull bars. Superb.

Japan cops Lexus LC500.

Exactly how to make a Lexus LC500 look a lot more like it’s left from the world of manga? Stick a black and white attire (and also a lots or red lights) on it. It’s not just for program, either – this V8 super-coupe is mosting likely to be chasing down wrong-doers as a website traffic enforcement automobile. Be advised, speeders of Japan.

Abu Dhabi cops Lykan Hypersport.

When was the last time you saw among these? If you reside in Abu Dhabi, it may be the last time you fell nasty of the law. There’s absolutely nothing details to find out about what’s been done to this Lykan barring what your eyes can see– a brand-new livery, some blues as well as 2s– so allow’s adhere to what we do understand.

It’s a Lykan Hypersport, which suggests it’s one of just seven such cars to exist. Each one prices around ₤ 2m, and also includes a 3.7-litre twin-turbo flat-six with 750bhp. W Motors reckons on 0-62mph in 2.8 secs and a full throttle of 242mph. So, y’ understand, quickly.

New South Wales cops Honda Civic Type R.

The police of New South Wales, Australia would capture everyone getting away by means of backroads in this Kind R. If it wasn’t just a promotion tool for the force. Oops.