Hi, -iq: Cadillac likely moving to new naming system with EVs

You might call it -iqky, but at least it’s better than cryptic letters and numbers

Cadillac has actually been singing concerning its intention to leave this decade entirely as a purveyor of all-electric lorries. If you take into consideration the existing gasoline-powered Blackwings to be the last of their kind, you’re most likely right. Now, we find a recommendation that the brand name is certainly four wheels deep right into intending its EV future.

According to hallmark records discovered by an American outlet called Carbuzz, the Cadillac department of General Motors might be going done in with its ‘-iq’ calling convention. In addition to the Lyriq all-electric crossover that’s been formally introduced for the 2023 design year, internet sleuths have actually revealed the similarity “Vistiq” and “Lumistiq” signed up by GM as trademarks for potential usage on future cars.

As well as another: Escalade IQL.

While the last could appear to be the strange one out, it in fact makes more than a dose of sense for the brand to keep the Escalade name in some form. Besides, it would be foolish to discard the solid brand recognition it has gathered over the last number of years, appearing in tony neighbourhoods and music videos. Adding the IQL suffix could be Cadillac’s means of signifying a long-wheelbase version, with a basic “INTELLIGENCE” being booked for the normal length design. We think the name ‘Escaladiq’ was a bridge as well far.

Nevertheless, it’s motivating to see Cadillac going back to real names after years of hawking cars birthing an often mystifying mix of letters and also numbers. The alphanumeric designations took a turn for the even worse when it deployed Johan’s Recklessness, an initiative to slap the CT- prefix on cars and also XT- prefix on crossovers and SUVs, producing the XT5 (which had nothing to do with the XTS and disregarded the Escalade entirely).

We’ll keep in mind that crosstown rival Lincoln has actually likewise abandoned its MKWhatever naming strategy and also lately trotted out remarkable names like Nautilus as well as Aviator– the latter harkening back to an SUV it marketed in the mid ’00s.

Of course, we should explain that carmakers frequently safe and secure trademarks and also never utilize them. This could be to a modification in advertising plans, the scuppering of a task, or merely to toss automotive reporters off the scent of what’s in fact in the pipe.