Honda launches pilot program to monitor lane markings

Cars will grade and record lane lines, then tell road operators where they need work

One of the obstacles to a fully autonomous future are the roadways whereupon theoretical self-governing lorries would certainly drive. Cameras as well as sensors make use of the repainted lane lines to help them map a course and help cars remain in their respective lanes. If you have actually ever before driven a car with some level of lane-keeping or lane-following help, you could’ve noticed that with no lane markings, the system becomes relatively pointless.

So, how does one improve issues so you can make use of vehicle driver assistance features in even more scenarios? The solution is relatively straightforward in concept. Road drivers require to preserve our roads much better and also with driving support attributes in mind. Honda recognizes this also, as well as it’s simply developed a system to assist roadway employees in doing specifically that.

The Honda Study Institute is formally beginning a roadway condition surveillance pilot program. What does that suggest? It implies that Honda has devised a program that runs on its cars to frequently keep track of as well as assess lane noting conditions. Utilizing GPS, sensors and cameras, Honda’s pilot program cars and trucks will certainly drive about and also gather information on the state of our lane markings. Especially, the program will certainly be assessing Ohio’s state of affairs. Honda hasn’t stated if it will prolong the program past Ohio yet, however if successful, we don’t see why it could not expand.

Honda will make use of 4 grades for lane markings: green, yellow, grey and also red. Green and yellow means “excellent to great.” Grey implies there are no markings, and red methods “need repair.” The rankings are coupled with latitude and longitude information, video as well as pictures. It’s all after that sent over to the Ohio Division of Transportation, and also we can then really hope the government makes a decision to deal with the areas needing repair. Of course, our faith in roadway drivers to keep roads correctly in this country is not absolute, but a minimum of Ohio will have a far better grasp of what requires doing.

“Real-time, high-accuracy road data caught from connected vehicles has the prospective to improve the procedure of identifying, reporting, and also more quickly fixing hazardous roadway problems,” states Paritosh Kelkar, researcher at Honda Research Institute.

In addition to reporting lane problems to Ohio, this system has the capability of reporting an alerting to other Honda vehicles. Your Honda could theoretically access the lane marking information in real time utilizing a web connection and also your GPS coordinates and also alert you when a section of poor markings is showing up, triggering you to repossess complete control from the lane-following system.

Last but not least, Honda teases out that it might increase this program to “keep an eye on other kinds of roadway conditions.” What those other problems are, we don’t understand yet.