Houston Police Officer Who Killed A 62-Year Old Pedestrian Was Driving Between 80-100 Miles Per Hour

Houston Police Officer Who Killed A 62-Year Old Pedestrian Was Driving Between 80-100 Miles Per Hour

The Houston Police Department released video clip footage of the cops chase that killed 62-year old Michael Wayne Jackson on December 4, 2021. The video clip footage was drawn from the body webcam put on by the police officer who ran Jackson over, in addition to that put on by his partner when the two were reacting to a claimed auto burglary of a lorry that was currently being tracked by the HPD.

In the video, it’s clear the policeman was driving at a too much rate and without preventative measure. Houston information electrical outlet, Chron, reports the police officer was driving between 80 and 100 miles per hour, and that he would’ve been walking around 60 MPH when he drove onto the pathway and struck Michael Wayne Jackson

Additionally, the law enforcement agent was speeding up with one hand on the wheel of the HPD SUV, while traversing hazardous road problems, per Chron:

Hernandez sometimes drove the 6,300-pound Ford Police Intercepter in between 80 and also 100 miles per hour down Reed Roadway, according to the cruiser’s speedometer received a five-minute clip from his bodycam. Web Traffic on Reed Road is limited to 40 mph.

Reed Roadway was wet from a current rain shower that Saturday mid-day, according to an accident report filed by HPD. Video clip shows the cruiser’s windshield wipers were turned on as Hernandez maneuvered the police SUV via web traffic, appearing on several events to be making use of only one hand to steer the speeding vehicle over glossy property roads.

An initial report from the HPD’s vehicular crimes division claimed the police officer was “taking a trip at a harmful rate” as well as “carried out a faulty incredibly elusive action.” The Chron record information this as complies with, emphasis mine:

Jackson was strolling west on the sidewalk in the 4100 block of Reed Roadway near Scott Road as Hernandez’s cruiser approached from the east around 5:40 p.m. Several automobiles were quit at a red light at the Reed Road as well as Scott Road intersection, cops stated. As Hernandez sped up towards the crossway, video clip reveals the officer transform the guiding wheel virtually 180 degrees to avoid ramming various other automobiles. Hernandez’s cruiser glided a little best, jumping the pathway as well as hitting Jackson before slamming right into a Dumpster container in a close-by parking area.

Paramedics with the Houston Fire Department articulated Jackson dead soon after the accident. The police officers were put on management duty after the fatal quest, but Chron states they are “presently detailed as active duty, according to an HPD spokesperson.”

The law enforcement officer went back to active service after their 3-day administrative obligation lapsed. The instance is currently open, and also an independent investigation led by the Harris County District Attorney is recurring. District attorneys have yet to make a decision if they will certainly offer the case before a grand jury and also if they will certainly charge the police officers.