How To Watch Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan Go To Space

“Go to” might be putting it strongly. Visit? Pass through?

For thousands of years, when human beings were connected to the Earth, we sought to the skies as well as imagined flight. When we accomplished that, we looked higher; setting our sights on the final frontier. After years of research study and also sending researchers out among the celebrities, that desire for getting to beyond our world can be recognized by a brand-new team: Bored rich people.

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’s pet project for sightseeing tours in space, is getting ready for one more star launch. This moment, the “honorary guests” are Greetings America host as well as former NFL player Michael Strahan, as well as Laura Shepard Churchley, child of Alan Shepard, the initial American to fly in space. No word on whether Elena Yurievna Gagarina will be obtaining comped tickets on a future trip.

Strahan as well as Churchley will certainly be joined by 4 paying consumers, meaning the trip will be Blue Beginning’s first to bring a complete crew of 6. Blue Origin’s website definitively uses words “astronaut” for the travelers, yet the FAA emphatically does not. Possibly they’re less “team,” and also extra “cargo.”.

The trip was initially meant to release yesterday, December 8, but was delayed due to high winds at the launch site. Its brand-new set up begin is Saturday, December 11, at 9:45 am Eastern time. While not the worst trip hold-up in background, I wish none of the passengers had a linking flight they were trying to make. Perhaps Blue Origin can spring for a couple nights at the ISS for anybody waiting to transfer.

The flight will certainly be streamed live at Blue Beginning’s site, where you can likewise purchase merchandise celebrating other people quickly crossing the 62-mile-high limit of space in a car over which they have no control. It reminds me a little puncturing the edge of a state on a trip, simply to cross it off your list. Though, I’m not exactly sure where Strahan will be placing the pin on his map when he comes back home.