Hyundai partners with quantum computer firm IonQ for battery development

Quantum computer system manufacturer IonQ Inc claimed on Wednesday that it is partnering with Hyundai Electric motor Co to utilize quantum computer systems to establish more reliable batteries.

The partnership will certainly produce a battery chemistry version to simulate the structure and energy of lithium oxide, to aid improve the performance, expenses as well as safety of lithium batteries, IonQ claimed.

Much better battery technology is crucial to progressing the use of electric automobiles.

Researchers believe quantum computer systems can operate numerous times faster than today’s sophisticated supercomputers, possibly making jobs such as mapping complicated molecular frameworks as well as chain reactions much faster.

For that to occur, the quantum computers still need to scale up even more, claim experts. Still firms, from financial institutions to pharmaceutical companies, are evaluating out various means to start utilizing the quantum computers to be ready for the day when they come to be more trusted.