Hyundai Seven previews the brand’s electric SUV future

L.A. Auto Show unveiling brings the magic back to SUVs

Hyundai has unveiled its initial ‘SUEV,’ the Seven principle car built on the group’s new E-GMP electric automobile system. Introduced on the floor of the Los Angeles Vehicle Show, the Seven concept sneak peeks what a future electrical SUV can appear like. And if the concept-to-production Ioniq 5 is anything to take place, it’s offering us create for excitement.

Hyundai claims that the new idea prioritizes consumer values over sector standards. Though easy to claim of a commitment-free concept vehicle, recent successes under the Hyundai and Genesis badges do indicate a perceptive finger on the pulse. Eschewing the uninspired three-row arrangement of typical SUVs, the brand-new idea merges SUV energy with open, furniture-inspired lounge feelings of a modular van.

The Seven shares numerous characteristics of the current Staria van, however chisels and also bulks the account out into a much more enforcing SUV body style. From the front, the 7 stays true to the style language of the enthusiastically-received Ioniq 5 with ‘Parametric Pixel’ lights, yet with a much more upright as well as striking fascia. Bountiful glass and an absent B-pillar make the vehicle show up airy and open also from the outside, and a vertical back tailgate finishes the vehicle with a tidy break.

The 7 is built on the Hyundai E-GMP 800-volt battery-electric system, a modular foundation that underpins the upcoming Ioniq 5. Though the 7 continues to be an idea, this common style lends support to Hyundai’s cases of as much as a 500-kilometre target array (matching what is declared of the Ioniq 5). Likewise, this affords the exact same remarkable 350 kW charge rate from 10 to 80 percent in simply 20 mins.

The flat-floored battery style’s effects drip down throughout the design, making it possible for an uninterrupted lounge flooring and also wheel placement at the lorry’s extreme edges. On the road, this 3.2-metre wheelbase would undoubtedly aid security as well as trip convenience. Inside, the big space has freed the designers to configure the 7 either as a three-row, or as a longitudinally-seated open-concept.

Hyundai is actually eager to tell you that the 7 offers a ‘costs lounge experience,’ and they do appear to be on something. Inside appointments are closer to sectional furnishings than automobile benches, with homely touches presuming as a tiny lamp tucked right into a comfy pocket. Looking toward future autonomous tech, driver controls can fold away and the front chairs can pivot back to participate in the mobile entertainment. Additional convenience comes from above, with a ‘vision roof’ which incorporates OLED tech (the kind where black pixels shut off completely) to sooth owners along their journey, while likewise leaving the option to show home entertainment or other such content as desired. Rounding out the bundle is a mini-fridge, in addition to shoe-care areas to “rejuvenate guests’ shoes”.

Oh, to have actually been a fly on the wall as some passionate intern sold that concept.

A concept would not be an idea without some sensational extravagance, and also the 7 delivers with its vibrant wheels. Utilizing Energetic Air Flaps, the 7’s wheels can shut off and simplify for travelling effectiveness, or can funnel air for boosted brake cooling down under load. Though such tech appears a bit much for an SUV, the proof-of-concept can hypothetically be customized to a high-performance application.

Bringing points back down to planet, nevertheless, Hyundai has acknowledged contemporary anxiousness by emphasizing both sustainability and also health inside the lorry. Experimentation with sustainable products is nothing brand-new to the principle round (mineral plaster, bamboo trim and rug, bio-based indoor paint and polymers, in this instance), but Hyundai is making larger information with its ‘Health Airflow’ and also UVC sterilization systems.

Adaptable to driving as well as guest problems, the 7’s Hygiene Airflow System can guide air downward through the cabin to isolate air movement in between travelers. When owners disembark, UV lights concealed behind audio speakers as well as the front control stick as well as storage space cabinet emerge to bask the cabin in disinfecting light, decreasing bacterial or viral stowaways as well as maintaining things risk-free and also sterile for the following bikers. Such innovations might be one point ferrying youngsters and also their close friends, but could be a game-changer in taxi or transit applications.

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Looking back on the Ioniq 5, the Seven’s translation into a production-ready design doesn’t seem out of the question. Materialism would likely bring the interior arrangement close to that of the current Staria, however a Hyundai VP’s remark that “SEVEN dares to break from the beaten path … [and also] paves the way forward of what an SUV needs to become in the EV era,” could leave for some flexibility.

Time will certainly tell, of course, but Hyundai is plainly on something right here as well as throughout their lineup– right here’s looking towards the future of that roll.