I Want Something With V8 Power, But It Has To Be Different! What Car Should I Buy?

Looking for muscle with a $30k budget but doesn’t want a Mustang or Camaro

Zach has a 2004 WRX wagon that is rising there in age. He wants to change it up and also try something with V8 power, however he does not desire the common suspects of Camaro, Mustang, Opposition, etc. With a $30,000 budget, what vehicle should he buy?

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Right here is the circumstance –

New fast food dining establishment owner. I desire something enjoyable and also newer than my 2004 wrx wagon I currently drive. I love the practicality of the wrx as well as the fun it gives my drive, yet it’s getting old. I’m outgrowing my senior high school sweetheart. A v8 is nearly my only need. Something off the beaten path of mustangs and also camaros though. I could perhaps be swayed with something with a turbo v-6 however. I lie in Oklahoma City as well as I am wanting to spend as much as $30,000.

4 doors is preferred, however not required and also either handbook or vehicle is fine. I am in a stable connection with someone that drives an Expedition, so space is not of the utmost relevance.

Quick Realities:
Budget: approximately $30,000.

Daily Chauffeur: Yes.

Location: Oklahoma City.

Wants: V8 (possibly V6 turbo), RWD or AWD.

Doesn’t want: No Mustang, Camaro, or Mercedes.

Specialist 1: Tom McParland – Rumbling From Down Under.

Zach, I can see why you would certainly want to opt for a V8 this time around around. There will likely come a day where obtaining a huge honkin’ motor under the hood is no more a choice so it’s important to take advantage of that while you can. You currently recognize that there is any kind of number of muscle automobiles readily available around that $30k mark, along with plenty of V8 Chargers.

Nonetheless, because you are after something a bit different you are going to need to cast your internet out actually broad to discover the appropriate trip. Doing so implies you can catch a Pontiac GTO. In the mid-2000s, GM chose to revive the epic GTO nameplate by importing a rear-drive muscular tissue sports car from Australia. The outcome was a truly nice car that couldn’t quite live up to the epic GTO badge. These are rather collectible currently so you will be taking a look at something similar in age to your ’04 WRX. Nonetheless, well-cared-for instances with relatively reduced miles and also manual transmissions can be had for around $25,000. Because they aren’t most likely to diminish much even more, you can obtain your V8 power out of your system, as well as possibly offer the Pontiac for near to what you spent for it.

Below is a super tidy example with around $16,000 miles, three-pedals, and also red seats.

Professional 2: Collin Woodard – You Deserve Nice Points.

I discovered that in spite of saying you’re seeking an automobile that has a V8, is more recent than your existing one, and is still fun to drive, you didn’t point out dependability. Not even when. I additionally observed that you claimed you ‘d favor a four-door. I think I can work with that.

Below we have a 2008 Maserati Quattroporte, a vehicle actually named for the four doors you claimed you wanted. And also, it’s obtained a 400-horsepower V8. A Ferrari V8. Even much better, it’s 4 whole design years more recent than your Subaru. OK, so possibly you were wishing for something a little more recent, yet the number of other sedans offer this mix of sportiness and also high-end?

And also I do indicate high-end. This certain Quattroporte has the Executive GT plan, which you absolutely are entitled to considering that you’re currently the huge employer. Forget rubbing pole positions. Those are method also usual. In your new Maserati, rear seats travelers can obtain a back massage therapy.

Even better, it’s priced at simply under $15,000, leaving you another $15,000 to invest in maintenance, repair services, rental cars, as well as perhaps even one of those overpriced third-party warranties.

Specialist 3: David Tracy – Get Something Legendary.

The GTO and Quattroporte are fine recommendations, but neither of them are tales. The E90/E92/E93 BMW M3, nevertheless– the only V8 M3 ever– is without inquiry a legend, as well as truthfully, I’m unsure why we’re all not on a purchasing craze to catch these things up prior to they climb up over $50,000.

I bear in mind reading about these in automobile magazines as a teenager. In May of 2009, simply a few months before my senior high school graduation, Electric motor Pattern released the short article “2009 BMW M3: The Globes Greatest All Around Auto.” That’s an incredible praise, and also it followed up years worth of contrasts in which the M3 stomped the competitors.

The 414 horse power 4.0-liter high-revving V8, mated to either a great six-speed handbook or “among the world’s best transmissions” (as Motor Trend put it), a seven-speed dual-clutch automated, yelled as it soared the M3 around examination track after test track. The chassis was as good as the powertrain; the steering, numerous reviewers, felt communicative; the suspension, they claimed, was smooth however likewise limited adequate to rip the cars and truck via corners with grace.

The M3 was a legend when it came out, and I assume it continues to be one to this particular day. You are entitled to V8 M3 prior to they end up being too costly.

Professional 4: José Rodríguez Jr. – If You Desired A V8, Get A CTS-V.

Every single auto suggested up until now is good. That Holden hiding under the Pontiac arrowhead is amazing. A Maserati will certainly look wonderful no matter age, and also the V8 M3 might upset straight-six perfectionists, as well as there’s no question that both are a wonder of design. But those autos don’t really feel various sufficient. Zach, you require an automobile that’s so different, it’s polarizing. The kind of auto that requires a response from everybody, for far better or worse. You require this 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Sports Car.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the existence of the CTS-V Sports car is for the better. The design is just so eliminated from what numerous connect with Cadillac. This is not a land private yacht; it’s a cruise missile. The Caddy coupés of that duration were awesome sufficient, yet the CTS-V takes that strong appearance as well as offers it objective by packing the engine bay with a 6.2-liter supercharged V8, which pushed the Caddy from 0-60 miles per hr in around 4 secs.

This is the car that the Camaros as well as Mustangs you stated aspire to be. Maybe even some Corvettes, as well. The only knock against this particular design is that it’s an automated, but that’s not a big deal. Additionally, it’s a trip away from you because it remains in Houston, however it must leave sufficient money, at around $25,000, for a plane ticket or perhaps a journey with a good friend!