Is the Chevy Bolt basically dead?

Haruspication is the art of anticipating the future by “reading” the entrails of given up animals. In this story, the fortune tellers are CNN and also Automotive Information, the entrails are GM’s statement recently relating to the $7 billion financial investment in EV production, much of which will be invested in the Lake Orion Assembly center, the future being forecasted is that the Chevrolet Bolt as well as Bolt EUV battery-electric hatchbacks are very little longer for this world. The evaluations are based upon what GM did as well as really did not state in response to inquiries concerning what will certainly become of the little electrical cars and truck that could.

In our article on the GM statement, we wrote that “GM did not suggest what will happen with the Bolts once that conversion is complete or whether all will continue to be constructed at Orion.” The apparent conflict is that GM is retooling the plant to build the electrical Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra starting next year. In case you failed to remember, one of the greatest automaker threats nowadays is having non-interchangeable systems. Not just are the coming electrical pick-ups far more popular than the Bolt, they make use of the Ultium system, Ultum batteries, and Ultium e-motors that are advanced than the Bolt’s internals. After the plant conversion, Orion will have a manufacturing capacity of 360,000 electric pickups yearly, a little over half of GM’s 600,000-unit yearly electrical pickup target. Alongside all of this, the Bolt has successfully run out manufacturing because last November, when GM focused on recalling as well as changing all the battery packs in all the Bolts ever created. GM had said it meant to reboot manufacturing early this year. That hasn’t occurred, and there’s been no remark regarding when it will certainly occur.

When CNN asked GM concerning the automobile, automaker representative Dan Flores responded, “Manufacturing of the Chevrolet Screw EV as well as EUV will proceed during [Lake Orion’s] conversion activities to prepare the facility for production of the Silverado EV and also Sierra EV pick-ups,” and also, “We are not revealing any type of additional information at this time concerning Bolt EV or Screw EUV manufacturing.” Accumulating all the circumstantial evidence, CNN sounded the doomsday bell with, “It sure appears like GM is about to pull the plug on the Screw.”

AutoNews followed the very same logic to the very same conclusion, adding 2 presumptive nails in the Screw’s putative coffin. AN stated sector knowledge firm AutoForecast Solutions thinks the Screw will pass away in 2023, the Screw EUV in 2024. After that, returning to this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, GM CEO Mary Barra’s stated GM would certainly offer an electrical Chevy Equinox and also Sports Jacket in 2023 for around $30,000. Both designs are a little larger than the Screw EUV, however the Ultium internals as well as $30,000 cost would make the brand-new crossovers more advanced than the Bolt for less dosh than the Bolt.

A Bloomberg Quint piece assumes CNN and also AN are beating the gun, suggesting that GM could transfer production to one more among its EV setting up plants beginning line, including the left-field idea that GM can maintain the cars and truck but ditch the Bolt name. Bloomberg supports that last take by keeping in mind that the Screw is Chevy’s most effective conquest automobile and gets high ownership complete satisfaction scores, however is a Bolt by any other name still a draw?

GM said it will certainly make a news at the end of February concerning returning to Bolt production. Perhaps then we’ll get a concept of whether the Bolt has a future.