It’s a Ferrari F355 shooting brake!

Never mind where the engine is, enjoy this four-seat F355 for its prettiness

The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso and FF: 2 cars that take modern Ferrari styling hints, as well as use them to a two-door capturing brake style.

Like them or otherwise, they’re bold, brave pieces of layout. The supercar market is all the much better for the selection they inject right into it.

Yet what if Ferrari had generated the suggestion in the 1990s? That’s the question fuelling the most recent make from Rain Prisk. Last week he revealed us an apocalypse-proof Bentley Bentayga; today, an instead spectacular Ferrari F355 hatchback.

Like it? Given how excellent the percentages get on the petite little F355, this could have been a problematic concept. However we reckon Prisk’s supportive tweaking of the little Ferrari’s shape is accomplished wonderfully.

How well it’ll lug back guests, we’re unsure. There’s additionally the not so little issue of the F355 being mid-engined, as well as this principle having to be front-engined (bar some design wizardry under, naturally).

The front overhang looks little bit various to a standard Ferrari F355’s, as do the front air intakes. The only noticeable nod to a change in layout is the smoothed-out doors, free of the consumptions needed for a mid-mounted engine.

It’s very easy to argue none of this issues, naturally. It’s a fine-looking cars and truck, and also one predestined to never be genuine, or bound by real physics. Is that a pity? Is Prisk’s production a Ferrari you can see on your own driving?