Just how brown would you like your modified Porsche 911 Turbo S to be?

Russian tuner TopCar will replace every panel on your Turbo S with colourful carbon weave

Cars and truck colours are relatively polarising at the very best of times, however we fear this may have the Net whipped into something looking like an 8-bit frenzy.

This is the job of Russian tuner TopCar (marvel where they got the idea for that name). It’s a modified Porsche 911 Turbo S, yet abnormally the powertrain has been left totally typical. What’s new– you may have observed– is the body. Yep, each and every single panel has actually been exchanged out for a carbon fiber substitute, with the proprietor of this particular example speccing a charming chocolate-coloured weave at a price of EUR125,000 (around ₤ 104,000).

Add that to the circa ₤ 160,000 you would certainly need to purchase the basic 911 Turbo S to begin with, and also you begin to understand simply how expensive TopCar’s ‘Stinger GTR Limited Carbon Edition’ truly is.

The carbon panel collection evidently consists of 84 different parts, with only the lights devices as well as the glasshouse remaining standard. That wing is rather striking as well, isn’t it? Not brown though, it sheds a mark for that.

Simply 13 instances of the so-called GTR will be built, and this one also gain from a shouty Kline exhaust. There are brand-new (brownish) centre-lock wheels also, which actually help to show off the brilliantly-brown brake calipers.

Inside there’s brand-new leather upholstery (a few of it brown), and also plenty much more carbon fiber as well (not brownish, boo).

What do we assume, individuals?