Kia Stinger

Meet Kia’s flagship. The lengthy, low, 4 Collection Grandmother Coupe-sized Stinger is a five-door ‘liftback’ that exists to provide Kia some appropriate brand kudos past hatchbacks and crossovers. It’s the initial rear-wheel drive vehicle the Korean firm has actually ever before produced, its been set up by ex-BMW M Department chief Albert Biermann, and on top of the Stinger variety there’s a GT S efficiency variation with 365bhp. Generally, this is Kia saying ‘look what we can do. We can do handsome, interesting, motorist’s cars’. Other than, since it’s a Kia, what you shed in badge congratulations you acquire in tools as basic as well as the unbeatable seven-year guarantee.

Yes, there’ll be lots of you looking at those costs and exclaiming in scary at the prospect of a ₤ 40,000 Kia. A Kia instead of a BMW 4 Series Gran Sports Car or Audi A5 Sportback. This doesn’t worry Kia. Its key targets are American and Eastern Oriental sales, where customer badge envy is less common, and the Stinger’s big devices checklist will help to move it. European sales are anticipated to only comprise seven to ten per cent of the Stinger’s total, and in the UK there’ll only be about 1,800 a year discovering houses. Over here, the Stinger is supposed to capture eyes and also thrill punters as it sits among the Kia variety in the display room, or on the web site. If you read this now, you’re at least gently thinking about whether or not it’s a legitimate sports hangout, so it’s doing its work.

To drive, the Stinger is actually well sorted, especially the supreme GT S variation, which is fast, forgiving as well as much more nimble than its size or weight suggests. The basics of the driving setting are audio, it rides well, steers accurately as well as it’ll keep pace with a BMW 440i. The standard-fit eight-speed automatic transmission isn’t much cop, and there are way too many chauffeur modes with too little distinction for our taste, yet the driving experience is nowhere near as left-field as you may have expected. The Stinger’s competitive sufficient to be legitimate, and as an initial effort for a sport watering hole, that’s a significant result. With a lot devices as conventional, it also manages to feel like tremendous worth, offering so much that the Germans leave on the alternatives list.

The 2.2 diesel is the one to avoid like a flatulent family member on Boxing Day– it’s not green or tidy sufficient to be recommendable and its farming roughness damages the Stinger’s composure, however the 2.0-litre petrol and V6s are a lot, far more like it. There suffices space for a family, it’s a polished cruiser, and also it’s potentially one of the most handsome Korean auto ever. There’s sufficient to such as below for the Kia Stinger to deserve its albeit small adhering to.

” A qualified first ever sports drinkery from Kia. Interesting to look at, and big worth for money. Demands a far better transmission though.”
Nice task, Kia. The Stinger drives well enough to be taken seriously, looks intriguing sufficient to attract attention, as well as is well-equipped and well built enough to warrant the highest possible prices ever applied to a Kia version. If we were to pitch one head to head with an Audi S4 or BMW 440i tomorrow, it most likely would not win out, as a result of the niggles with its gearbox and also cabin trim, plus the hopelessly ineffective engines.

However as a broad view, as a brand-builder to change mindset, the Stinger is on the money. It’s yet more evidence the Korean machine doesn’t see itself as limited to routine family cars– it’ll tackle the European hegemony and also if this is the very first effort, it’s going significantly in the ideal direction. It’s an ensured head-turner, if absolutely nothing else, and the large quantity of tools Kia fits, to maintain you secure and amused, is a significant marketing point by itself.