Koenigsegg Teases A Hypercar For Its New Year’s Resolution

There were several methods individuals and companies commemorated their New Year. Most with festivities as well as fireworks displays, while some people do so by whipping out resolutions or promises to obey for the rest of the year.

Koenigsegg picked to commemorate the New Year with a bang– an intro of a presumably brand-new hypercar. Uploaded on its social media sites, the Swedish car manufacturer included a resolution with the intro that claims “Dear 2022, below’s our New Year’s resolution – More supreme performance via clever design as well as optimum style. Here we go!”

The intro shows a shadowy number of a Koenigsegg. We attempted to change the photo through Adobe Photoshop in an effort to expose any hidden details but fruitless.

However from what we’re seeing, the angled style of the taillights appears like that of the 2006 CCX’s, the very first Koenigsegg to have actually utilized an internal industrialized engine. The subtle back diffuser is a callback to the Agera. The front splitter is evocative the 2004 CCR. The whole design execution goes in line with the normal Koenigsegg style theme– drop cabin form, wrap-around windshield, and also smooth lines.

That stated, what could this upcoming Koenigsegg be? Your assumption is just as great as ours now. However if we’re to hypothesize, let’s bear in mind that 2022 is the 20th anniversary of the very first delivery of the CC8S, Koenigsegg’s initial manufacturing supercar. The brand-new hypercar might pay homage to that landmark, though we beg you to take this with a dash of salt.

In any case, we’ll be hearing extra from the Swedish marque in the months ahead. By then, we’ll learn more concerning this upcoming version– with any luck something that will certainly sharpen the appetite of internal combustion engine hopefuls around.