Koenigsegg’s resolution for 2022 is to launch a new hypercar

It previewed the model with a shadowy image

Koenigsegg’s resolution for 2022 is one that a lot of fanatics can agree with: “much more utmost efficiency.” While details are rare, the Swedish company released a dark preview photo on its social media channels that gives us a very early check out a brand-new hypercar.

As is usually the situation, the photo asks extra concerns than it addresses. What’s appealing is that the version seems to wear a far more angular exterior design than the 1,600-horsepower Jesko, which is defined by curved lines. Even the Agera RS was extra rounded. We won’t go as far as calling the brand-new auto retro, yet it’s certainly worth noting that Koenigsegg’s very early models (like the CC8S) were additionally instead square.

Another factor worth bringing up is that throwback layout signs sell well in the supercar as well as hypercar segments. Bugatti had no trouble offering 10 instances of the Chiron-derived Centodieci, which is a tribute to the EB110 constructed in the 1990s. As well as, the pious Lamborghini Countach was sold out before its unveiling in 2021; it’s restricted to 112 units. Koenigsegg’s CC8S is turning 20 in 2022, if you capture our drift.

We’re told that Koenigsegg will certainly supply a lot more ultimate efficiency with “creative engineering and ideal layout,” so the brand-new design likely has a few tech tricks up its sleeve. It won’t be the type of modern technology that’s controling CES 2022: Koenigsegg has actually made it clear that its consumers want to drive themselves and that a self-governing auto isn’t in its pipeline. Nevertheless, the firm is explore very cutting-edge suggestions in the powertrain division (its four-seater Gemera is powered by a 1,700-horsepower gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain developed around a camless three-cylinder engine) so it’s reasonable to presume that the brand-new version’s specs sheet will amaze us.

Color us interested, after that. Even more information concerning the following Koenigsegg design will emerge in the coming months.