Lamborghini Estoque news – Estoque: dead or alive? – 2009

The Estoque– Lamborghini’s crazy four-door supercar very first revealed back in Paris in 2015– isn’t dead. Trouble is, it’s not precisely alive either.

See, complying with deceitful reports flowing round the interweb recently that Lambo had tinned the Estoque when faced with the existing financial recession (seriously, someone should develop a computer faster way for that expression), the Italian supercar maker has actually launched a statement verifying that it hasn’t made any type of decision whatsoever on its four-door’s future.

” Of current press insurance coverage commenting on cancellation of its Estoque task,” states the declaration, “Lamborghini has actually not taken any kind of decision to create its Estoque concept auto. Lamborghini believes that if a third design line should ever before be contributed to its line of product up, a four door deluxe efficiency cocktail lounge could be a rational product method.”

Which translates, we believe, as: “We’re not mosting likely to build it, yet we’re not going to not build it either.”

The Estoque principle was powered by a 500bhp V10, yet Lamborghini had hinted that a crossbreed as well as also a diesel variation could be possible. Real, it’s not one of the most sensible time to be releasing a 200-odd grand hyper-saloon, yet when did Lambo ever do sensible?